Zero interest rate loan for ZFE: who can really benefit from it?

Zero interest rate loan for ZFE: who can really benefit from it?



From January 1, 2023, the State starts a loan experiment with a zero interest rate for the purchase of a low-emission vehicle for two years. Who can really benefit from this offer?

As part of the 2021 climate law to help the most modest households, the state will “experiment” for two years introducing a zero-interest loan to buy a vehicle that emits less than 50 g / km of CO2. To take advantage of it, you will have to wait until January 1, 2023.

This loan will be intended for residents or very small businesses based in low emission zones (ZFE): Métropole de Lyon, Grenoble-Alpes-Métropole, Paris and Métropole du Grand Paris, Aix-Marseille-Provence, Nice-Côte d ‘Azur , Toulon-Provence-Méditerranée, Toulouse, Montpellier-Méditerranée, Strasbourg and Rouen-Normandy or in a neighboring inter-municipal community, according to the publication in the Official Gazette of 22 April 2022.

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Reference tax income € 14,000

To be eligible for this loan of a maximum amount of € 30,000, repayable in seven years, by banks that have signed an agreement with the State, the reference tax income per unit must not exceed € 14,000. Likewise, for very small businesses they should not exceed 10 employees. The turnover or the total balance sheet must not exceed EUR 2 million.

In case of recourse to a long-term lease or a lease with the right to purchase, the loan amount is reduced to € 10,000 and the repayment period of the loan is that of the lease agreement.

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This loan is granted for the purchase of vehicles with a maximum value of € 45,000 (excluding the bonus discount) for a car or € 60,000 for a truck with a maximum total weight of 2.6 tons, whose CO2 emissions are less than 50 grams per kilometer. Only electric vehicles or some plug-in hybrid vehicles meet this limit. However, more than thirty models meet these criteria, such as the Dacia Spring, Peugeot e-208, Cupra Born, Fiat 500 e, Ioniq 5 or Kia Niro EV, MG ZS EV II and Megane E – Electrical Tech. Some rechargeable hybrids, such as the 308 PHEV or the Megane E-Tech Plug in, will do the trick, but we will need to move on to the original versions.

Beware of debt

In addition, a quick calculation shows how limited this offer is ultimately. Indeed, if the total loan amounts to € 30,000 in seven years, or 84 months, the monthly payment will be greater than € 357. However, a natural person whose tax income amounts to € 14,000 per year, earns € 1,166 per month (excluding income that is exempt from tax, or is subject to withholding tax or deductions and charges deductible from income). It is not certain that many people take the risk of being charged so much.

Until then, other measures could be implemented such as the extension of the eco bonus to 6,000 euros (supposed to increase to 5,000 euros from July 1, 2022) but also the implementation of a long-term lease at 100 euros / month promised by Emanuel Macron in case of re-election …

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