Zelda: two new games in 2022?

Zelda: two new games in 2022?


I hope you have a good weekend. For our part, at the pension office, we did not get bored. Between the Twitter that is likely to pay, the reappearing Zelda collection and the gameplay of Mario Strikers just landing, is a daily rich in information that is announced for you. Come on, Kathimerini, let’s go!

Does Twitter pay soon?

After spending $ 44 billion on Twitter, this beloved Elon Musk intends to reform some elements. Recently, in a tweet, the billionaire announced that one day access to government or business accounts will become chargeable. If we look at it this way, it looks like an idea that was thrown into the wind, but if it really took on flesh and blood, the consequences would be huge for the social network. This tweet opens the door to many questions. Which accounts will be affected? Will companies pay the same price? Etc. In any case, this acquisition clearly does not please everyone. 26 NGOs called on advertisers to boycott the platform if the takeover is finalized. Why ? Due to the new model of moderation that was announced and the freedom of expression that was proposed. The biggest fear is that the platform will become a source of misinformation, hatred and extremism.

The Zelda collection in boxes

Yes, good Twitter, blabla, all that … What we want is Zelda on Switch! Players are still waiting for the sequel to Breath of the Wild, so they’d like to have something to look forward to, like (randomly) the collection we’ve all been waiting for. 2021 marked the 35th anniversary of the epic, it was the perfect opportunity to release. But no. Instead, we got the Skyword Sword HD, which disappointed the fans a bit. But Jeff Grubb, VentureBeat initiate and journalist, is once again burning the flame within us. He recalled in a podcast Nintendo wishing to release a Zelda every year, and according to him, it would be a collection that brings together The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess for 2022. Since Breath of the Wild 2 has been postponed for 2023, this hypothesis makes perfect sense, but let’s calm down. Nothing official has been announced yet.

Mario Strikers reveals the gameplay and all its new features!

Still on Nintendo. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football revealed its game in a 5 minute video. Along with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, this game was the big announcement for the Nintendo Direct in February. We will clarify immediately, the rules of football do not apply to Mario and company. Here the matches are played with 5 against 5 team formations, and … voila. Then there are no other rules, you are the master of the game. We have the return of Hyper Strike, which can start, provided you lift a very specific object to the ground. On the new side, there is the tackle or charged tackle that you can use on your teammates, which will allow them to jump forward to gain valuable gains. The game has a new equipment system, which allows you to improve your character statistics. In short, many new things about this Mario Football.

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