Xbox: the return of a legendary franchise confirmed by developers?

Xbox: the return of a legendary franchise confirmed by developers?


Game news Xbox: the return of a legendary franchise confirmed by developers?

If the more open environments of Gears 5 had left players hungry, the title would have generally won over audiences and critics alike. Almost three years after the title was released, Microsoft changed generations and now we are waiting for news about the license.

In 2020, XCOM fans received a little extra Gears with Gears Tactics, developed by Splash Damage in collaboration with The Coalition. The title also had a very good reception, but it is towards the main license, previously owned by Epic Gamesturning eyes.

Gears 5 bows slowly

In late April, The Coaltion announced that the Gears 5 page was starting to spin, with remove the map editor This resulted in the automatic unlocking of all related achievements and rewards for players who have completed some of them.

The purpose of this withdrawal? Enable development teams to focus on “future projects”. We know the studio has changed on the Unreal Engine 5 like many others, but no more. Rumors, however, say two projectsone of them is probably Gears 6, released in 2024 or 2025.

Mass recruitment in progress at The Coalition

No such announcement has been made yet, but quite serious indications are coming to us now from the studio. On LikedIn, the studio recently posted a message from RECRUITMENTaccompanied by an image with Gears License Characters and Logo.

By clicking on the relevant link, we realize that the studio has opened many positions, both in the arts and in design, engineering or production. Finally, looking at the leaflets dedicated to each position, we find that the Coalition is in the process of being recruited for develop the next license games Gears:

The Coalition is a privately owned Microsoft development studio based in Vancouver, Canada. We are the official home of the Gears of War franchise and our goal is to shape the future of licensing and transcend the boundaries of Microsoft platforms and entertainment devices.

Xbox: the return of a legendary franchise confirmed by developers?

If you think you have the required skills, this is done on the official Microsoft recruitment page. At the moment it is It’s hard to know if a Gears game is already in progress, but that would not be at all strange. It remains to be seen whether the rumors about Gears 6 are true and that we can expect an announcement in the coming weeks, and especially during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, which will take place live on Sunday 12 June 2022 at 19:00.

A conference that should leave a lot of space in Starfield, whose first presentation of the game is expected and whose release is scheduled for November 11, 202211 years since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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