Why is bioethanol not found in Europe?


Bioethanol is growing more and more in France. However, it is still difficult to find in many European countries. Here are the ones.

Bioethanol is the the most widespread biofuels in the world. In France, this fuel is increasingly popular with motorists. Its price, below € 1 per liter, allows great savings. If France has more and more stations equipped with bioethanol pumps, this is not the case for us European neighbors.

Europe is lagging behind

Indeed, infrastructure equipped with bioethanol pumps it is very rare as soon as you leave France. Germany, which wants to develop this fuel, has only 25 business stations with bioethanol. Very little therefore compared to the 2,500 supply points that exist in France. The situation is even more critical with our Italian and Spanish neighbors. It only exists officially two bioethanol stations in Italy and five in Spain. This observation also applies to many European countries.

This significant absence of stations in Spain and Italy is explained by distribution price E85. The majority of bioethanol in Europe is produced in France. If we do not pay the price of transporting this fuel, this is not the case with our European neighbors. Indeed, the selling price of bioethanol is more expensive than diesel or unleaded in most other countries. Therefore, distributors are slowing down the arrival of this fuel, which will not yield enough in terms of distribution costs.

The other explanation lies in the fact that distributors fear E85 shortage in case of distribution. Indeed, because the production is essentially French, the brands are afraid that they will have difficulty obtaining E85 in quantity. In Italy, for example, distributors prefer not to offer this fuel for fear of being seen degraded image from possible shortcomings.

To increase distribution?

If Europe seems to be lagging behind in terms of bioethanol, things can still evolve. Seventeen of the Member States of the European Union produce fuel ethanol. Admittedly, France alone represents 1/4 of the production European. But other European countries, most notably Germany, are hoping to increase their production. Thus, Spain passed a law in 2020 to accelerate the production of bioethanol in the country. The same in Germany that has increased its production by 32%. It remains to be seen whether European countries will want to bet on this fuel, while the European Commission wants to put an end to thermal vehicles so far. 2035. Above all, if France is the leader in this market, the ecological virtues of bioethanol have recently been called into question by the Court of Auditors.

In Europe, only Sweden considers bioethanol as a strategic product. The country counts has set up an E85 distribution network of up to 85%.

The other countries are already ahead

Europe looks far behind on this issue compare E85 output with other countries of the world. The United States has tripled their production annually since the turn of the century. Same observation in Brazil where more than half of the rolling stock is equipped flexible fuel engine. A delay that Europe does not want to make up for. Priority will be given to electricity.

If you want to organize your summer vacation, be careful because bioethanol can not be found in Europe.

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