What is digital identification, which France is going to implement?

What is digital identification, which France is going to implement?


During May, the government will offer an application that will allow you to prove your identity through an application on digital media without having to provide a traditional identity.

This digital ID is based on the new national ID, a form of bank card.
This digital ID is based on the new national ID, a form of bank card. © / Olivier Corsan

It will undoubtedly be a small revolution in our daily lives. On April 26, a decree was published in the Official Journal authorizing the creation of an “electronic means of identification”, as indicated journalist Emile Marzolf. It paves the way for a new government application, allowing digital proof of identity without having to provide a physical identity. This means of identification must enable the use of evidence-based identification and enable authentication on a number of services and public and private organizations on the Internet.

The beginning of this system is connected with the application of the new French identity, in the form of a blue card, which has been in circulation since the summer of 2021. It hasa secure electronic chip containing the personal status of the bearer (surname, first name, date and place of birth, nationality, sex, address, details on the card) and biometric data (identity photo, digitized bearer fingerprints). This new card benefits from additional fraud protection and is interoperable within the European Union.

How does it work ?

What the government is preparing to put is an unnatural version of the title to prove their identity online, “In a context of increasing materialization” of administrative procedures. From May, holders of this new card will be able to use it to prove their identity “with the same level of security as the paper ID” and “the same simplicity as the current use of a bank card”.

Specifically, thanks to a six-digit personal code is providedThe “digital identity card” will allow you to share your identity data through a “France Identity” application (available in beta) and specifically sending a certified electronic photocopy, provide proof of majority without displaying any other information or power of attorney managementfor example to withdraw a package.

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The application should also allow, in a timely manner, to Connect to secure two-factor authentication on a range of online services (Service-public.fr, Impots.gouv.fr, Ameli.fr, etc.) is now accessible through “FranceConnect”, which uses the VAT number or social security number as an ID.

It is obligatory;

First, this digital service does not replace the Identity Card and is not intended to do so. The government makes it clear that this digital identity public service is “optional, universal and free”. In addition, the biometric data contained in the physical card chip can only be read by the competent authorities and can not be read, in particular, through the application.


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