what changes on May 1st

Le Smic augmentera automatiquement de 2,65% du fait de la forte inflation.


From this Sunday, Smic will rise in price to cross the symbolic bar of 1,300 euros net. France Bleu lists everything that changes on May 1st.

Automatic increase of the minimum wage

Due to inflation, Smic appreciates for the third time in seven months, on May 1. It will cross the bar of 1,300 euros net per month, or an increase of 2.65%. This increase, which will directly benefit a little more than two million employees.

In detail, for full-time work, the monthly minimum wage will be 1,645.58 euros gross. Net, it will reach 1,302.64 euros, ie. increase 34 euros. The gross minimum hourly wage will be reduced from 10.57 to 10.85 euros. In January, Smic had risen 0.9% after a strong 2.2% rise in October, already due to inflation. Over the course of a year, from May 2021 to May 2022, Smic will have increased by 5.9%, or 72 euros net.

The extended tariff shield

The price shield, launched in late 2021 to help consumers with rising gas prices, is extends to homes with collective heating. This expansion concerns an additional five million households, especially condominiums or social housing.

If you take advantage of it, for the 2021-2022 season, the price of your gas will be reduced to the regulated price of October 2021. The aid will be paid directly by the state to the energy suppliers, who will have to transfer it to the customers’ account. their. They have 30 days to return it in full to their customers as soon as they receive it.

Reassessment of social benefits

The benefits paid by Family allowance funds (Caf) also increase by 1.8% May 1st. This increase concerns the Active Solidarity Income (RSA), Family Allowances, Basic Child Allowance, Common Child Education Allowance (PreParE), Back to School Allowance, Fashion Fee, Activity Allowance.

The increase in the Adult Disability Allowance (ADR) from 903.60 to 919.86 euros, decided in April, will take effect from the payment in early May.

Pay for your train travel vouchers with holiday coupons

From May 1, you can pay for your train travel online with holiday coupons.

Rising and falling tobacco prices

French customs also announced retail tobacco prices for May. From May 1, prices for some packages will fluctuate. Many packages will display a price drop by 10 centssuch as those of the Rothmans and Vogue brands. In other packages their price will increase, like those of the Winston brand, which will be 10 cents more expensive. You can consult the exhaustive list of price changes in the nomenclature of the French customs.

Legislative: registration in the electoral rolls

If you are not yet registered and wish to vote in the next 2022 parliamentary elections, you can do so. until May 4 online, until May 6 at the town hall or by mail. Parliamentary elections will be held on 12 and 19 June 2022.


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