Vorwerk launches Thermomix TM6 online for sale

Vorwerk launches Thermomix TM6 online for sale



Vorwerk discreetly made the Thermomix TM6 available for sale online. The robot kitchen of the German manufacturer is sold in the online store of the manufacturer at the price of € 1,359. the possibility of avoiding demonstrations by a consultant.

With complete confidentiality, Vorwerk launched the marketing of its Thermomix TM6 in online sales. While browsing the manufacturer’s website, we accidentally discovered that it was now possible to add the latest robot kitchen to your cart without having to go through a show by a consultant who was, until then, the brand’s entire business model.

Since its inception 50 years ago, Vorwerk has relied solely on direct home sales to attract buyers. A consultant had previously been sent to go to the homes of potential buyers and show the extent of the possibilities offered by buying a robot kitchen. The health crisis triggered an evolution of Vorwerk’s sales system, which was forced to digitize its sales by offering virtual demonstrations on the internet, after which the purchase could take place. Well he got it after, according to our colleagues from echoAlmost half of Thermomix sales (40% to be exact) went online in 2020. However, despite the very good reception of this digitization, Pierre-Yves Buisson, Vorwerk’s director in France, confessed at the time in digitalthat there was no issue of revising the sales model: “If more and more people are attracted to virtual shows, for us it is far from ideal. They do not allow us to show the extent of the possibilities with a Thermomix robot. We continue to think about the best way to optimize the customer experience“.

© Screenshot of the Vorwerk online store.

© Screenshot of the Vorwerk online store.

A free and personalized workshop

In the Vorwerk online store, the user has the option to tick the box allowing them to take advantage of a free and personalized lab. By default, this box is not selected. If there is no doubt that Vorwerk will continue to provide free monitoring after the purchase of a Thermomix, if the user so desires, this decision will influence Pierre-Yves Buisson’s comments in our columns: “* We want the consultant to remain at “They are responsible for 90% of our sales.”

By launching its business model into online sales, Vorwerk will inevitably open up to new buyers who are reluctant to take or give time to a consultant. However, there is a very small chance that Vorwerk will decide to distribute its Thermomix TM6 to distributors. “Pierre-Yves Buisson vigorously defended himself against him.”I’m not interested in seeing Thermomix crash into Darty without a demo. I’m not interested in making volumes. We love our product and we want to turn the people in front of us “into fans”“”.

Therefore, these fans will be able to buy the Thermomix TM6 at 1359 € directly from the online store of the manufacturer. Shipping costs are offered.


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