Tonale in green and blue, fans see red! Because Alfa Romeo stands out from “rosso Alfa”, its favorite color

Tonale in green and blue, fans see red!  Because Alfa Romeo stands out from "rosso Alfa", its favorite color


Did he think it would go unnoticed? The disappearance of Alfa red from the communication for the launch of Tonale, the new SUV of the Italian car brand, however, caused a little creak … And internally. Because if there are many features that are sometimes imposed on brands, the “rosso Alfa” (red Alfa) is really necessary for the Italian sports brand. However, during the long-awaited presentation of the SUV, the first model presented by Alfa Romeo for more than five years, not a single shade of red … Even the actors of the film were dressed in the same gray polo shirt. During the visit to the Pomigliano d’Arco factory where Tonale is produced, we did not even find Tonale red, the color where it was presented for the first time, in 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show. (photo below), or in January 2020 in Paris during the 35th International Automobile Festival.

Alfa Romeo launches its Tonale SUV, the weapon of its recapture plan

Deed for electrification of the brand

But Jean-Philippe Imparato assumes it is “a choice”. Arriving in January 2021 after the merger of PSA and Fiat Chrysler created by Stellantis, the Italian brand’s boss wanted to symbolize a turning point in the life of this brand, which needed renewal after it had reached 55,000 sales volumes. in 2021). “We had to signal the arrival of hybridization, but also not be too close to a Stelvio (the big SUV released in 2016),” the former Peugeot boss also defended.

The Tonale concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2019

Because Alfa Romeo is working hard on its electric drive with the goal of being 100% electric by 2027. “Alfa Romeo is the car brand that will go faster in the world in its complete electrification”, explains an executive of the Italian premium brand.

“In order to survive, Alfa Romeo must urgently switch to 100% electric,” claims Jean-Philippe Imparato, in a serious tone.

Tightening environmental regulations, especially the Euro 7 standard, which promises to be extremely strict for internal combustion engines and will take effect in 2027, could be fatal for small brands. Therefore, it is not surprising that Tonale is transmitted in green or blue, the colors of ecology and electricity respectively. In addition, this transformation plan has a name: the transformation.

Green is also part of the brand’s history

According to the website of the specialized magazine L’Argus, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari were obliged to display, during the car races, the red color that had been given to Italy. The success of the brand in motorsport connected it with this color in the collective imagination. However, the green also speaks to the history of Alfa as it is reminiscent of the snake of its logo, the famous Biscione, which belongs to the coat of arms of the city of Milan where the brand was born. Finally, it also refers to the color of the four-leaf clover that is designed on the bodies of cars by car racers to bring them luck.

Alfa Romeo launches its Tonale SUV, the weapon of its recapture plan

But Jean-Philippe Imparato acknowledges that the issue has caused much debate at home. Incidentally, the brand’s new designer, Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, snatched from the nose and beard of Luca de Meo, Renault’s boss, who tried to bring him back to his luggage when he left Seat for the French group (for to put it in Dacia) is a fan of Alfa Romeo and its very characteristic “red”.

“In 2024 we will have a red Alfa”, concludes the promising Jean-Philippe Imparato. It should be done because even without communication, the first Tonales that circulate in France have been ordered for 35% of them … in red!