Thursday renewal? Live stocks

Thursday renewal?  Live stocks


Stock PS5: stock update Thursday?  Live stocks

After a bad day in stock of the Playstation 5 on Wednesday, hopes are turning to the French resellers this midweek, as Intel says the shortage of semiconductors is expected to last until 2024.

[Mis à jour le 5 mai 2022 à 16h07] More than eighteen months separate us from the official release date of the Playstation 5, but no change on the horizon regarding its purchase. Even worse, in a recent interview, Intel CEO said that the shortage of microchips is expected to continue until 2024 (compared to 2023 according to previous forecasts). A very bad news for everyone who wants to get the latest Sony console. But be aware that the console can still always be found on the web and in stores, provided you follow certain rules, the most important of which is: service priority. To help you with your quest, we’ve got a live console inventory tracking for you this Thursday.

Watch shares for Thursday, May 5 live

  • 4:00 p.m. : So far, no news of a refresh has reached the PS5 planet this Thursday.

No stock renewal is currently scheduled this afternoon at the French resale sites. The console appeared for a while this Wednesday in Micromania, but the retailer’s website suffered greatly from the large influx of buyers. For this Thursday, we have to be patient, no site has planned to put the console up for sale. If no offer is offered during the day, you will have to wait until tomorrow morning, around 9 am, to receive new information.

No PS5 until 2024?

The month of May begins with bad news that can be found in a CNBC article. In a recent interview with Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, the paper asked the painful question and asked for an estimated duration of the lack of semiconductors punishing computer purchases, home consoles and cars. The answer is not very reassuring:We believe that the global shortage of semiconductors will extend to 2024, despite our previous estimates (2023), as shortages are now affecting equipment and some production lines will be under severe pressure.“Bad news for the home console and graphics card market.

After a month of rich stock for the Sony console, stock renewal is slowing, except for a few copies that went on sale by Auchan on Monday. But the situation is a good omen for prospective Playstation 5 buyers, who see an increase in the “falls” of the console. If you want to prepare effectively for the next stock refresh (which will probably take place this Tuesday morning), you can always consult the various tips, techniques and buying tips in our following article:

Of course, the websites of French retailers can re-offer the Playstation 5 at any time. Sales that switch between the console only or packages that include a console, controls, games and accessories. Note, however, that some sites have their own special function for console sales. For example, sales on Amazon are exclusively for Amazon Prime members (try Prime here) and are particularly tough as the whole of Europe can benefit from them. At Géant Casino, you will need to pre-order the console before you pick it up from the store, while at CDiscount and Micromania it is very rare to find the console alone, but rather in packages. You can find all our shopping tips as well as the best offers for used consoles, games and accessories in our article above.


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