This Xiaomi controller looks like the PS3 controller (only better)

This Xiaomi controller looks like the PS3 controller (only better)


Xiaomi is launching a new Bluetooth controller for PC and connected TV that borrows a few lines from the PlayStation 3 DualShock 3.

This Xiaomi controller looks like the PS3 controller (only better)
Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition // Source: Xiaomi

Here is the Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition, the new controller from the Chinese manufacturer available at Xiaomi Youpin, the brand’s crowdfunding platform. With 2,067 people supporting the project at the time of writing, it was 948% funded 8 days into its term, which means it is a real success.

A bit of air in the DualShock 3

In its lines, the Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition is very similar to the DualShock 3 of the PS3, but we can quickly see significant differences, starting with the asymmetric placement of the joystick. These are also ALPS joysticks, which can be found on Sony from the PS4 or even on the Xbox One controllers, with a hollow coating to fit and hold the thumb during the most frantic actions. Quality guarantee.

Another striking point, both aesthetically and ergonomically: the directional cross is bowl-shaped, like the one on the Xbox series controller. Convenient for Street Fighter bows, this may be less enjoyable in some games, but adjusting the diagonal sensitivity is essential here.

This Xiaomi controller looks like the PS3 controller (only better)
Xiaomi GamePad Elite Edition ahead // Source: Xiaomi

The rest of the configuration is not left as we find 4 play buttons on the front (A / B / X / Y), two shoulder buttons (LB / RB), two triggers (LT / RT), as well as two additional buttons placed respectively in each handle to fall under the middle finger. An installation reminiscent of the Xbox Elite controller pallets.

Finally, on the front panel there are the Start, Select, a menu button and a last button that is definitely used for Bluetooth pairing.

The latest technology in a controller

Inside, there is also a collection of technologies. To get started, Bluetooth is connected at 2.4 or 5 GHz, which is suggested by a Bluetooth 5.2 chip provided by the Norwegian Nordic Semiconductor.

There is also a vibration motor ” natural and three-dimensionalas well as InvenSense 6 gyroscope technology, similar to the PlayStation Sixaxis. Finally, there is a phone case to attach to the top of the controller, to the USB-C port, to hang your smartphone. Ideal for cloud games. Xiaomi is apparently announcing compatibility with “multiple systems”, including Windows, Steam, Android TV as well as Android smartphones and tablets.

At Xiaomi Youpin, this Gamepad Elite Edition is offered at 329 yuan, which equates to about 47 euros (excluding taxes). No international release has been announced yet, but if that were the case then maybe we should expect a significant increase in price, as this is a price adjusted tocrowdfunding.

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