this ultimate VPN feature that will excite Internet users!

this ultimate VPN feature that will excite Internet users!


Officially, the built-in Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 10 and Windows 11 will offer a free VPN. Be careful though, there will be limits that NordVPN does not know for example.

Having a free VPN through your browser should really intrigue Microsoft Edge users. That’s why People Act magazine, like its counterparts at, wants you to know all the details of this great offer.

Microsoft EdgeVPN

Microsoft Edge is invading NordVPN

Microsoft Edge users, and Internet users in general, will not need to explain what a VPN is. But to put it simply, VPN is an anagram of Virtual Private Network. It is therefore a type of computer network that allows the user’s navigation to be protected.

Technically, this involves creating a fake IP address so that the user cannot be identified geographically. This feature can not only protect the user and his data, but also allow him to access digital directories that are not accessible from their current country. For example, access the Netflix directory in the United States from your couch in France.

So far, the king of VPNs remains NordVPN. A subscription to this software can cover up to six devices. In addition, it does not just offer to create a virtual IP address to protect your data. As for Microsoft Edge, readers of People Act magazine probably won’t need that clarification, but it really is a web browser.

And not just any web browser, since the Web recently made the rounds. Indeed, it could soon be the first browser from Microsoft to integrate a free VPN into its services.

If that were all, we would be at the dawn of a small revolution. And maybe even, if we exaggerate, the collapse of paid VPN services. But this case is more complicated than that.

Significant Limitations of the Secure Network

Will Microsoft Edge and NordVPN users reconsider their subscriptions? Indeed, for just a few euros a month, Internet users can take advantage of NordVPN services. In addition, they can regularly receive promo codes in the videos of their favorite youtubers.

But will all this be wasted now that Microsoft Edge has its own VPN? The security capability of Microsoft Edge Web Browsing, Secure Network, is enhanced.

The platform does not specify that this is a VPN strictly.

But the features it promotes are the same as NordVPN. These include creating an encrypted tunnel and creating a virtual IP address whose location can be identified in a country other than the user.

Therefore, such a free service could hurt NordVPN and its competitors. But as People Act magazine mentioned above, Microsoft Edge VPN has its limitations. The browser’s Secure Network feature allows users only 1 GB of data per month.

From there, the service becomes chargeable. And it’s not with such a small amount of data that users can enjoy their Netflix subscription internationally. However, in the coming days it will be possible to have the first comments from this experience. Comments that will undoubtedly allow Microsoft to continue to improve its services.

Microsoft Edge

Of course, like our colleagues at, we look forward to hearing from you. Microsoft Edge opens the door to a free VPN with Secure Network. A door that could then be downloaded from NordVPN itself or from other equally important browsers like Microsoft.

In a few years, you may not even have to think about paying for a VPN service. Data protection is indeed one of the most important issues for Internet users and those who provide such services.


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