This 100% car product line is finally available at all Lidl stores

This 100% car product line is finally available at all Lidl stores


If you are looking for good deals to buy products for your car, Lidl stores will satisfy you. Specifically, they provided a range of 100% car products from Monday 2 May 2022. More details about 6 of the Lidl brand offers in the following article. It should be noted that all the following offers make possible the 3 year manufacturer warranty.

A wireless car impact driver

Impact wireless driver for car

This Parkside screwdriver is available at a unit price of € 79.99. It is ideal for mounting car wheels. It has the advantage that it is wireless (rechargeable lithium ion battery) and that it has a continuously adjustable hit / rotate frequency.

In addition, it has 5 default torque levels (100, 150, 200, 300 and 400 Nm). This screwdriver has a built-in LED light. It has a load-free speed of 0-2,300 rpm and an impact frequency of 0-3,000 CP / min. Note that the screwdriver delivers 4 sockets (17, 19, 21, 23 mm).

A pair of candles

pair of candles

This equipment is perfect in case you need to lift your car and hold it high. A pair of triangular candles is available in Lidl stores for the amount of € 16.99.

These jack bases can lift a maximum weight of 2,000 kg and have a large bearing surface to effectively support the loads. They are adjustable with 6 height levels: approximately 24, 26.7, 29.5, 32.2, 35 and 37.7 cm.

An Ultimate Speed ​​mini compressor

An Ultimate speed mini compressor is also available from Lidl at an attractive price of € 14.99 each. It has a maximum pressure of 10 bar and operates with a lighter socket 12 V.

It is equipped with a compressed air pipe spiritual and built-in manometer. In addition, it comes with 4 adapters: for car tires, balls, inflatable mattresses and bicycle tires.

An Ultimate Speed ​​car battery charger

Another interesting product from Lidl’s 100% automatic range is the Ultimate Speed ​​car battery charger. It is possible to buy it at the price of € 14.89 per unit.

Integrates a smart microprocessor control with a diagnostic program. There is also a fully automated charging process. In addition, its features include:

  • winter charging function for low outdoor temperatures,
  • protection against the dangers of reverse polarity, short circuit and overload,
  • an LCD display showing the charging schedule, voltage and charge status of the battery.

Note that the charging current of this battery charger is a maximum of 5A. This device has a 2 meter long charging cable.

2-in-1 car window cleaner

This tool costs € 3.99 per unit on Lidl. It consists of a built-in squeegee and ice scraper that makes it ideal for outdoor cleaning.

In addition, there are 2 microfiber covers for internal cleaning. In addition, this 2-in-1 car window cleaner is equipped with an adjustable telescopic arm that allows it to reach from 25 to 40.5 cm.

A wet and dry Parkside vacuum cleaner

Lidl stores sell a Parkside wet and dry vacuum cleaner for € 39.99 each. This 1300 W device is a 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner: dust, water and blower. Its suction power is 200 airwatts.

This Parkside Wet / Dry Vac includes built-in bases for hose, cable and nozzles. It is equipped with a 19.8 liter stainless steel container which empties easily thanks to the clasp closure. In addition, it is sold with many accessories:

  • 1 suction pipe 2 m long,
  • 1 nozzle,
  • 1 suction tube (3 pieces),
  • 1 floor nozzle,
  • 1 paper filter,
  • 1 cloth filter (washable),
  • 1 foam filter (for wet broom).

To learn more about the 100% range of cars offered by Lidl, you can go to Lidl supermarkets or its official website.


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