These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free

These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free


As every week, NextPit offers you a selection of good deals for mobile apps and games for iOS and Android that are usually paid but are temporarily free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This list of free apps is updated weekly with at least two weekly editions, Tuesday and Saturday. Between the time this article was published and the time it was viewed, some applications may have been refunded. The Google Play Store bids on apps are fairly easy to predict, but they are more complicated than those on the App Store, as Apple does not specify the period of validity of the reduction.

Tips: You find an interesting application, but you can not really use it right now? Install the application anyway, and then delete it from your device. This way, the application will be part of your application library and you can reinstall it for free when you need it. A good way not to miss a temporary promo.

Free to play – Zoo 2: Animal Park
Your animals, your success, your zoo game

Temporarily free Android apps in the Google Play Store

Temporarily free Android productivity / lifestyle apps in the Google Play Store

  • Learn Korean Word Quizzes (€ 7.49): Learn Korean alphabet, characters and pronunciation with this Korean word quiz app. Regardless of your level, you will find your account with the app
  • Livemocha: Learn languages (€ 0.99): With this special edition of Livemocha, you can learn more about the language of your choice in just a few days
  • Speed ​​Math – Mini Math Games (€ 1.29): This application contains mini math games to practice in multiple operations and gives you very short time to decide if the equation is correct or false. Are you ready?
  • Premium camera (€ 3.69): This application offers the ability to take a series of photos with a timer. You will also have a burst function and photo filters
  • PhotoMotion (€ 2.99): Bring your photos to life by animating them and easily create stunning short videos
  • Phone Booster Pro (€ 9.99): This application is used to optimize the performance of your smartphone, acting especially on its speed, autonomy and much more.
  • Task Destroyer (€ 1.99): Create jobs by entering the title (or image), status, color, size, and type of job. You can then place them anywhere on the site to better organize your to-do list

Android mobile games temporarily free in the Google Play Store

  • Stickman Legend: Shadow War (0.99 €): A stickman battle game in the form of a hybrid RPG and PvP
  • Defense Zone 2 HD (€ 2.69): A great tower defense game, but it gets crunchy at higher levels.
  • Rogue Hearts (€ 0.99): A challenging rogue-like game with dungeon detection features. Take your heroes on a dangerous adventure in dungeons and learn how to survive waves of monsters, traps and bosses hiding in the dark
  • Beauty (€ 2.39): This game is reminiscent of many puzzles like “The Room”. This point-and-click impresses with its graphics and history
  • Monster Killer Pro – Shooter (€ 1.19): Action shooter with RPG elements and different characters and game styles to choose from
  • Monkey GO Happy (€ 0.69): 75 different stages with the style and simplicity of old school flash games
  • Stickman Ghost Premium (€ 0.99): Fight the darkness with a variety of swords, special moves and objects in this side-scrolling action game

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Temporarily free iOS apps in the Apple App Store

Productivity / Lifestyle iOS apps are temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • walker pedometer (€ 1.09): An alternative activity tracker that tries to motivate you to walk a little more every day
  • MP3 Converter: Audio Converter (€ 3.49): This application is the easiest way to convert media files to any audio format
  • Lock Notes Pro (€ 5.49): This app lets you keep your most valuable notes, passwords or contacts private and secret, safe from prying eyes.
  • Phone unit: Synchronize file storage (€ 3.49): Use your iPhone as a wireless mobile USB key. A complete and well-rated file manager
  • RGB-Keyboard (€ 1.09): How about upgrading your keyboard? With this application, you will have an animated lighting experience while writing your texts
  • Organizing links and photos (€ 1.99): This application allows you to save links, notes, pictures and more
  • Step (€ 1.09): Apply retro filters and even retro dates to your photos, like in the good old days of movies

IOS games temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • Shadow Of Death: Premium Games (€ 1.09): Choose your hero and face the monsters in a world of lights and shadows (and special effects)
  • Beauty (€ 3.49): This game is also available for iOS, and as mentioned earlier, it looks like the famous “The Room” puzzle. The graphics and story are also very interesting.
  • SPHAZE: Science fiction puzzle game (€ 1.09): A puzzle game where the goal is to move a small robot from A to B by moving a robot
  • Rogue Hearts (€ 0.99): This game is also free on iOS
  • Hex – AI board game (€ 1.09): An iOS version of the classic Hex puzzle. Your mission will be to win other players or AI in a 6 x 6 game board
  • drop-flop (€ 0.99): A minimalist game to test your reflexes by throwing and catching balls on the field
  • Motorcycle Race Pro (€ 1.99): A physics racing game where you have to take the motorcycle (or quad) at the end of the stages across the ground

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What is your opinion on our selection this week? Did you find any other interesting apps or games in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Do not hesitate to share your tips in the comments.



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