The western branch of Square Enix (Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex) is acquired in order

The western branch of Square Enix (Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex) is acquired in order


The Embracer Group announces the signing of an acquisition project with Square Enix to take over its western branch. This includes important licenses such as Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Legacy of Kain or even Thief.

The western branch of Square Enix (Eidos, Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex) is acquired in order
Shadow of the Tomb Raider // Source: Square Enix

You can smell the operation for several years. The Japanese branch of Square Enix has found its colors with Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts or even Nier. The Western industry has probably had several failures, most notably the Avengers, from Crystal Dynamics. If in detail, we can recall that project management is necessarily limited to Japanese management, the fact remains that the two branches of the teams no longer seemed to be in harmony.

It is impossible to predict the acquisition of the entire Square Enix, too large for many groups, but the resale of the western branch was possible. Contrary to what one might predict, it is not Microsoft, but very close to Crystal Dynamics, but rather the Embracer team.

Worship licenses

As a result, the Embracer Group announces the acquisition of Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montreal, Square Enix Montreal and all licenses associated with these studios, including the historic Tomb Raider, but also licenses less used by Square Enix in recent times. years, such as Legacy Of Kain, Thief or even Deus Ex. In total, there are 50 games for which Embracer now owns the publishing rights, as well as a workforce of 1100 employees.

The acquisition amount negotiated by Square Enix may seem quite small: $ 300 million. That’s a little less than the 315 million invested by EA to buy the unique Respawn Entertainment studio and the Titanfall license.

It should be noted that Square Enix’s publishing arm is not part of the acquisition. As a result, Outriders, Life is Strange and Just Cause licenses remain the property of Square Enix.

Who is Embrace?

We have already talked about the Embracer Group on Fandroid several times. This European investment group has launched a number of studio acquisitions in recent years. In particular, it bought the Gearbox in early 2021. At the end of the same year, Embracer announced that it wanted to buy 35 studios in a single year. A major expert in AA game publishers and developers, the group has also expanded its finances into AAA game studios, ie the largest video game development budgets.

With the acquisition of Western, there are just a few studios specializing in AAA games that Embracer is getting its hands on. Crystal Dynamics recently announced the launch of a new Tomb Raider project with Unreal Engine 5.

What about the Japanese branch of Square Enix?

Once the acquisition closes, Square Enix will evolve without its western subsidiary. However, we are talking about a branch that has been operating since the 2000s, with the acquisition of Eidos Interactive in 2009. We can now wonder if this reduced Square Enix could be chewed in turn.

Nothing allows us to imagine it at the moment, but at this reduced size, the Japanese publisher is perhaps much closer to the criteria of Sony, its longtime partner for which it continues to develop many exclusive PlayStation games.

In its press release, Square Enix highlights its upcoming investments in new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence or the cloud. The investment was made possible by the $ 300 million recovered from the resale.

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