the Opel Astra (2022) challenges the Peugeot 308


Absorbed by PSA in 2017, which became Stellantis in early 2021, Opel is gradually renewing its range taking advantage of recent technical developments in Citroën, DS and Peugeot. So, even if the Astra vintage 2022 Aesthetically it does not look like any of its “blue-white-red” cousins, they lend it the latest generation frame (EMP2 platform), petrol engines, diesel engines and plug-in hybrid engines, as well as their multimedia content. Rüsselsheim engineers bring the settings to their home, for a more German type!

In terms of design, the makeup is quite successful, with a “bon chic bon genre” look that is more rewarding than that of the previous Astra. The fake air of the Volkswagen Golf 8 in dealing with the rear is undoubtedly not foreign to him … Hard in any case to confuse it with its French duplicates, the Peugeot 308 shows a more sporty design, if not tortured… However , we find some common elements playing the game of seven errors (for example mirrors and door handles), as well as identical proportions. In a small centimeter, in length and height, in favor of Opel.

opel astra 2022 vs peugeot 308 petrol
Despite their common architecture, these two compact sedans display very different personalities.

The imitation is more obvious when you lift the hoods, our petrol versions move using the 3-cylinder 1.2 turbo PureTech, designed in the PSA era. For now, we have put aside the original 110hp version to focus on the version that is supposed to secure most of the sales: the 130hp, combined with a classic six-speed manual, eight-speed automatic require extra € 1,800 (Opel) to € 2,000 (Peugeot). Above all, this engine provides access to a wider choice of finishes from both manufacturers, including the basic GS Line series on the German side, and the Allure Pack in the French camp, which are presented with a standard offer and prices close by. So it is a tight match that appears …

Price Opel Astra vs Peugeot 308

No more Opel at “democratic” prices. Those of the new Astra have indeed inflated around € 3,000 compared to the old version with a corresponding version. A straw! And to make matters worse, our 1.2 Turbo GS Line version has already increased by € 1,300 since its introduction last February… It now exceeds the psychological limit of € 30,000, below which remains the 308 1.2 PureTech Allure Pack ( 29 € 900). Not for long, in our opinion, the rises follow each other at a steady pace in Sochaux, with the growth of raw materials. At the moment, € 850 separate our two wars in favor of the French.

The scales do not tilt more significantly to one side or the other adding the standard equipment. Because if the Opel is adorned with ergonomically heated seats with the indication AGR (German association dedicated to back health), also heated steering wheel and 360 ° vision camera, optional on Peugeot, unfortunately requires € 700 to take advantage of GPS (yes!) and 150 € for the inductive charger, assigned automatically at 308. Which also has the blind spot monitoring system (package 550 € with semi-autonomous driving in Opel).

opel astra gs line vs peugeot 308 allure pack
Opel Astra GS Line vs Peugeot 308 Allure Pack.

Unfortunately, the lioness forces the customer to choose the top finish (GT) if they want to afford the 18-inch glass sunroof or alloy wheels. Therefore, we give the German a small advantage to give access to this additional equipment (only € 150 for the wheels and € 1,000 for the sunroof), as well as a head-up display (€ 1,250 with GPS). The rest is kif-kif, with lane-keeping assistance, customizable cruise control, panel reading, LED headlights with dual / automatic headlights, 10-inch digital instruments, dual-zone air conditioning, hands-free key and Apple CarPlay wireless and Android connection Auto for everyone. The minimum, today, at this level of the range …

To drive

opel astra 2022 vs peugeot 308
For this first duel, the cousins ​​of the Stellantis group are competing in a 130 hp petrol version. The heart of the range, for both Opel and Peugeot.

Despite their common technical basis, these two compacts do not offer the same driving sensations. Particularly on the steering wheel, much assisted and therefore less visible in the Astra. Its large steering wheel requires greater cornering flexibility, while its 308 mini rudder, with its exquisite feel, allows the car to be mounted “to the millimeter” without the need for an extra steering wheel. This hint of extra flexibility highlights the playful and agile character of the French car, less playful than the previous generation, as we have already pointed out on several occasions, but is still devilishly effective when it comes to laces. The French touch !

Even if it sometimes gives the impression of lack of skill (blames, it is true, 83 kg more on the scales), the Astra also displays a remarkable balance, with excellent traction on dry roads and rear axle screwed to the ground. It also benefits from equally effective braking. But also a gearbox with better guidance than the lioness, a small cartilage… Unfortunately, both cars are combined with mediocrity in terms of rear visibility, which is more than limited. Suffice it to say that the reversing camera, standard in both camps, is welcome here during parking maneuvers, given the importance of blind spots.

opel astra gasoline 130 hp
Driving the Opel Astra.
peugeot 308 test 2022
At the wheel of the Peugeot 308.

Yellow card again at 308 for the readability of its instruments. The famous i-Cockpit, medium height between classic instruments and head-up display, forces the steering wheel to lower to the height of the thighs, so as not to hide all or part of the cash. In the Opel Astra, the design is definitely less original, but the information on the vehicle has the advantage that they remain perfectly legible through the rim of the rim, regardless of the driving position adopted…

The Opel Corsa – based on the Peugeot 208 – left us with a bitter taste with its hard suspensions. Therefore, we expected the same inconvenience when comparing the Astra with the 308, whose soft anti-vibration protection is one of its main advantages. To our pleasant surprise, the German proves to be just as careful, including with the large 18-inch wheels of our test model. Small bleeding or fat ass, digest! Maybe even better than the frank-cut, a little icy in some grooves.

opel astra
Comfort is at the wheel of the new Astra. It even filters out some irregularities a little better than the 308.
peugeot 308
Precise steering, penetrating front axle and great overall flexibility: the 308 honors the Lion’s ground clearance reputation.

Excellent sound insulation also, for which France had prepared us, rather brilliant in this matter. Their “three legs”, with their characteristic hum, are really only heard at high speeds, where sometimes you have to delay to get a better boost, the last two speeds of their transmission, quite high, further promoting consumption (about 7 l / 100 km on average in both cases, based on the built-in computer) rather than performance). That said, these are not ridiculous: some 4-cylinder competitors do not offer as much liveliness as the small 1.2 supercharger when the light turns green …


It is amazing how the designers, although starting from a certain number of common elements, manage to create universes as different as these two cabins. Sobriety is necessary in Rüsselsheim, fireworks in Sochaux! An impressive 308, with its cockpit wrapping the guide and plenty of “modern” materials, of very good quality. Digital is obviously very much on board, whether it’s the customizable instruments, the central touch screen or the i-Toggles line that lets you create shortcuts for instant access to your station. your favorite radio station, Apple CarPlay menu, a recurring GPS destination, or your significant other’s phone number. However, it takes a little practice to understand the subtle details of the system, which requires three manipulations, for example, to turn off the lane keeping aid (more or less intrusive to our taste), which reconnects without saying anything at every start. …

Interior opel astra
Less spectacular than the French, the Astra offers no less of a modern dashboard, broken with digital screens.
peugeot 308 interior
No other compact offers such an impressive driving position as the 308! Perceived quality is there.

Same punishment as the Astra, whose interfaces are completely identical, except for the graphics. German engineers, however, had a good idea to keep the natural air conditioning controls independent of the main display. Much more practical on a daily basis! However, the large “Pure Panel” plate that includes the two screens, partly from trompe-l’oeil cladding in lacquered black plastic, is a bit of a “hit”, as are the bright red inserts on the dashboard and door panels. less elegant than the Peugeot 308 fabric stripes, accentuated by a thin strip of ambient light in a customizable color. Too bad, because the rest of the furniture looks rather proud and the fittings are just as meticulous as in Peugeot.

seats opel astra agr
German seats with AGR certification (German standard for back health) are standard on the GS Line finish.
Peugeot 308 front seats
Just wonderful, the seats of the 308! But these ergonomic leather models will save you € 2,100 …

Another common point, less glorious: the rear seats “engoncées” (high belt), quite inhospitable in addition to cars of this size. If spaciousness is important to you, choose a Volkswagen Golf or a Seat Leon! The Astra, however, offers a little extra knee space. Same look on the trunk side, with 422 liters for the price of Opel (10 liters more than the 308), including the space available under the two-seater floor shelf. A small storage trick that the French unfortunately lack. This compensates with larger pockets on the doors as well as an additional USB port on the back (only one for the price of the Astra). But in the end, the cousins ​​play neck and neck again …

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