Taxes: why did you not receive a printed tax return?

Taxes: why did you not receive a printed tax return?


The intangible declaration remains possible provided that certain conditions are met (Photo: © HJBC –

You are expected to receive your tax return by post, but nothing arrived at your mailbox? Here are the explanations.

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From now on, the electronic tax return is in principle the rule and the printed tax return is an exception. However, non-pecuniary reporting is possible only if certain conditions are met: you are not connected to the Internet or you can not use digital tools to perform this process online. But why did the printed document not reach your mailbox this year?

Print statements are doomed to disappear

In the past, printed statements were the norm. But now, most tax households do this online. This is also a requirement from 2019 and the number of paper declarations tends to decrease with each declaration campaign. While the 2022 revenue campaign for 2021 is in full swing, some taxpayers may continue to declare their resources by mail. This is the case for households that do not have access to the Internet and those that cannot use digital tools.

Are you one of the households that prefers to declare their income in paper form, instead of declaring it electronically, and yet you have not received this valuable document by post? The tax authorities had until April 25 to send them at the latest. Aside from a routing problem, the most plausible explanation for this situation is the rule that applies this year, which DGFiP summarizes on its website: in printed form “. Rule that is part of the “zero paper” approach applied by the tax administration.

These public service centers and Frances Services premises

To support people who do not have access to the Web or who do not know how to use it, the government has set up special areas: public service centers and France Services. There are, therefore, more than 2,000 special posts now available in France, with the specific aim of helping taxpayers complete their procedures online. Therefore, you can contact one of these parties to declare your income for 2021 online as part of the 2022 declaration.

If you have already used a Maison de services au public space or a France Service site last year, it is not surprising that you did not receive a printed statement this year: this approach is considered the same way. , and therefore the same rule applies: “If you declared electronically in 2021, you will no longer receive a pre – filled paper declaration from this year because you are deemed to be submitting electronically”. It is also possible to contact your public finance center to receive, exceptionally, a hard copy of your completed tax return. It will then be mailed.

Reference times vary depending on shipping method

For electronic procedures, the maximum date for declaring your income is between Tuesday 24 May and Wednesday 8 June. More specifically, the numbers of sections from 1 to 19 have a deadline until May 24, those from 20 to 54 can go until Tuesday 31 May and finally for the numbers 55 to 976 the date is postponed to Wednesday 8 June. A difference of almost three weeks, which, however, does not apply to statements in printed form. At the latest, these must be submitted even earlier than the first French sections: Thursday 19 May 2022 at the most.



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