Steam Deck: do anything with your console and Valve says so

Steam Deck : vous faites n'importe quoi avec votre console et c'est Valve qui le dit


News material Steam Deck: do anything with your console and Valve says so

Even if your Steam Deck is very noisy, you should not use tape to try to fix the problem: Valve warns of this suggestion, which was posted on Reddit.

Since its release, Valve’s Steam Deck portable console has been regularly criticized by its first users. Among the reviews we can read, we find its low autonomy, but also the noisy nature of its fan. The latter has a lot to do when the machine starts to heat up, and it is impossible to ignore it, to the point that noise often obscures the musical atmosphere of the game!

A software update that does not resolve the hardware issue

The development of the SteamOS 3.2 update, available in beta from April 27, fixes some Steam Deck ventilation issues. If the fan was running almost permanently when it came out, Valve’s work in the software department now allows the portable console to better manage ventilation hours. This gives players a short break.

However, this new update does nothing but correct the fact that the device fan is, quite simply, extremely noisy when turned on. Even iFixit, a specialized platform for shredding high-tech gadgets, admits it is currently unable to meet the demand for spare parts: yes, iFixit will offer many spare parts for the Steam Deck, but Valve still has decided to state in detail which components will be available, hoping that the fan will be a part of it. Again, this does not mean that changing this component will solve the problem.

Adding tape to the ventilator, the solution?

While Valve does not seem particularly vocal about an official method of making the Steam Deck fan less noisy so far, some users of the device are looking for solutions. On Reddit, a user calling himself OligarchyAmbulance discovered it the very unpleasant Steam Deck fan noise tended to fade as it pressed on the back of the consoleright where the fan is.

Steam Deck: do anything with your console and Valve says so

So he had the idea put some tape behind the fan to try to reduce the noise. And it works: videos were created before and
after The placement of the electrician’s tape allows to confirm that the annoying noise gives way to the simple, traditional blast of a fan. On Reddit, The author of the invention believes that its operation does not cause the device to overheat but also admits that he has not tried graphic “heavy” games.

A wrong good idea for Valve

According to Valve, this solution is potentially dangerous and is not recommended. “We recommend that you do not change the airflow path, as we do not know what effect this may have on the thermal part of the console”a company spokesman told The Verge.

Therefore, the precautionary principle seems to apply here.and if this handling caused problems, it is likely to have an impact on the Steam Deck warranty. However, such as It seems acceptable that the noise of the machine fan is due to a hardware problem and not to softwarel, it is difficult to blame users looking for methods to improve their gaming experience: is what is unfortunately called “plaster wiping” when a new machine of this type is released.

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