Starfield: Former Bethesda Talks Employee Game Development | XboxOne

Starfield: Former Bethesda Talks Employee Game Development |  XboxOne


Starfield, Bethesda’s first new IP since the release of The Elder Scrolls 25 years ago, is one of the most anticipated titles of the year for gamers. Still scheduled for November 11, Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG will be revealed a little more in the coming months, but some leaks allow us to have a little idea of ​​the game’s progress, like the one that happened last month. week. Indeed, a former Bethesda employee talked about Starfield through ResetEra, but these leaks need to be taken seriously.

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Strong flight game, but no traffic delay scheduled

This information was therefore leaked to ResyEra by Hevy008, a former character developer. The webmasters have verified his identity and Jason Schreier today confirmed the truth of the course of this famous Hevy008. That being said, the accuracy of the information that was leaked remains uncertain and we therefore advise you to consider this information as usual.

It was while answering a user’s question that Hevy008 talked about the properties of Bethesda Game Studios as a workplace. He says the studio is “a cool, steady place to work” and Todd Howard, Bethesda’s historic designer, is “a charismatic guy”.

Next, the former developer speaks clearly about the gameplay, the game’s flight mechanics and the game engine. Hevy008 describes the latter as “a bunch of shit” and laments the lack of fun in spacecraft navigation. These rather crude and direct words are offset by the gunplay as well as the high quality graphics and lighting, without visually reaching the level of Horizon Forbidden West. Starfield will also be the subject of weekly playtests every Thursday from the beginning of the year.

The other central question is that of the release date and its retention. The question is legitimate when we see the growing number of one-year postponements for many games. Hevy008 says Bethesda should try to meet November 11, 2022, a “sexy date” to use his words. The studio could even remove content when the game was released, if needed, because Hevy008 explains that Starfield offers too much content compared to its current development.

According to him, Bethesda’s current goals are to correct the game’s mistakes, optimize it as best as possible before its release, and make it more fun than it is now, especially in the pilot gameplay. This information is reasonable, but once again, we advise you not to take it at face value and wait to see exactly how the situation develops according to Bethesda announcements.

Starfield is still scheduled for November 11 on Xbox Series X | S and PC with one day of first arrival at Xbox Game Pass and[PCGamePass->mot3921[PCGamePass->mot3921[PCGamePass->mot3921[PCGamePass->mot3921


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