Snapchat breaks and confuses your smartphone with a computer player

Snapchat craque et prend votre smartphone pour un PC gamer


News material Snapchat breaks and confuses your smartphone with a computer player

The social network Snapchat never ceases to amaze: during the Snap Partner Summit held on Thursday, it announced many additions to the approach to its application. One of them is none other than ray tracing, which goes into augmented reality filters.

Ray Tracing is a technology well known to PC and console gamers: allows you to enjoy a very realistic rendering of light in virtual objects and environments. This reinforces the realism in games, but also elsewhere: the proof, with the arrival of ray detection inside the Lens Studio, which is nothing more than a tool to enjoy Snapchat augmented reality experiences. The app hopes to make its filters that include AR objects even more immersive. What opens up new uses, and especially new collaborations.

Snapchat ray detection, why?

Among the first collaborations to use Snapchat ray detection is the jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. who proposes to discover a more real piece of jewelry, which technology allows to shine with a thousand lights. A Buzz Lightyear filter has also been revealed : allows the user of the application to be equipped with the space costume of the character and to take advantage of the very beautiful reflections in the helmet and elsewhere.

If this sounds a bit artificial, it’s normal: Snapchat is promoting beam detection in a fun way right now. But the service very clearly hopes to attract new partners, who want to offer a premium experience to the application community, which has 250 million members.

Augmented reality at the heart of the experience

The addition of ray detection is mainly intended to enhancing the augmented reality experience on Snapchat. The platform took advantage of its conference to highlight the possibilities of clothing testing through its application, with Dress Up function.

The first presentation videos are really amazing about the possibilities of this feature, which will be coming to Snapchat very soon. If the service has already signed some such partnerships in the past, in particular with Adidas, here, the promise is more specific and could apply to thousands of clothes, pairs of shoes or even pairs of glasses, if fashion companies follow. And according to the many announcements posted by Snapchat on Twitter, it is already so.

We better understand why adding small touches of realism through technologies such as ray detection is important for Snapchat: Fun filters are good, but useful filters are even better. And by the way, this undoubtedly guarantees a good return on investment if users, seduced by the clothes that were virtually tested, go to the checkout. Awesome idea!

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