Sifu: Difficulty choices, new Bosses attacks … next big martial arts game update revealed in video

Sifu: Difficulty choices, new Bosses attacks ... next big martial arts game update revealed in video


Game news Sifu: Difficulty choices, new Bosses attacks … next big martial arts game update revealed in video

The year of 2022 video games started in abundance with the release in February of Sifu, a martial arts game both enjoyable and demanding offered by the French company Sloclap. The battle title will soon receive its first major update. In the program, difficulty adjustment options, new patterns for the bosses and other new features to follow.

It goes or it hits

SIFU is definitely one of the nuggets of 2022. Sloclap’s game pays homage in the best possible way to the biggest martial arts movies. Mix of fight and Rogue-lite, Sifu offers a really enjoyable experience … although it is considered a bit too demanding. Above all, wanting to satisfy as many people as possible, the French studio intends to rectify the situation by offering its game soon. the first important update thanks to which it will be possible to solve this difficulty.

From May 3, you will be able to start again in search of revenge, whatever your level. Players who want to enjoy the story first will have the opportunity to soften their journey, while fans of a challenge will be able to raise the level of controversy. But these difficulty choices are not the only innovations. Sloclap recently unveiled its roadmap for us. Today the studio shares a video that describes in detail this first update.

Always stronger

Specifically, what do the difficulties of “Apprentice” and “Teacher” change? As you choose, the enemies will be more or less aggressive and will have to be more or less resilient. Sifu operates according to a “resistance” system that must be broken in order to deliver a deadly blow to its enemies. This resistance, therefore, according to your wish, will break easier or harder. In addition, the aging system may be less punitive. With each “death”, your character comes to life again with more years. These years grow exponentially with defeats, until they reach the game. Therefore, the settings will allow you to retire a little later.

The other big innovation concerns the Bosses. Five in number, Sifu’s big controversies are the highlight of the game. Bosses are varied and require constant concentration, feline reflexes and above all, complete control of their movements and techniques. To enhance these duels and change the delights, these champions will receive devastating new techniques and combinations with this update. Enough to force the platinum-plated players to continue the service.

Cherry on the cake, it will now be possible to unlock and put on new clothes. As previously mentioned, these new features arrive on May 3rd. Sloclap will then further enrich its title with a new scoring system and game modifiers. In addition, the content is scheduled until next winter.

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