RTL RESEARCH – Purchasing Power: How Discount Coupon Hunting Lightens Shopping Budget

RTL RESEARCH - Purchasing Power: How Discount Coupon Hunting Lightens Shopping Budget


At a time when inflation is at its highest level in thirty years, there is a reflex that everyone, or almost everyone, has adopted when shopping: buying products on sale. While for some it is a simple habit, others have done it their job.

In Eygurande-et-Gardedeuil, Dordogne, Laurent and Sophie Anselm promotion of hunting professionals. In one of the rooms of their house, transformed into an office, six computer screens on which figures, percentages, but also discount coupons and offers lists are rolling. They spend their days posting them online on their website Anti-crise.fr. “We have stock them since July 2018, I have 45,000. From memory, it must be about forty a day,” says Laurent.

The idea of ​​this platform was born after this couple had the vital need to reduce the shopping budget. In 2014, when they were at the RSA and had € 500 a month for a family of four, Laurent and Sophie Anselm discovered that it was possible to combine discount coupons and store offers. They made it an optimized directory on their website. “We have the list in the form of a virtual reader and below we have an interactive whiteboard in which we do the optimizations, the famous comparison between the products in the newsletter and the products that fit in our coupon database. For example, we have the female protectors. is here, we see directory promotion and we see what we will save besides directory promotion with links to find these additional offers. final discount 139%“, he explains.

Laurent and Sophie Anselm

Laurent and Sophie Anselm

Credit: Pierre Herbulot / TYM

Change your habits to pay less

Among all the tricks to reduce the amount of your purchases, it is still possible make money buying a product. This good plan is often a combination of instant cash on delivery, cash collected on the reward card and the rest by bank transfer by posting a photo of the receipt on the brand’s website. As a result, Sophie promises, some products can be free all year round. “It is unthinkable to pay for a product that can be free. All hygiene and cleaning products, detergent, emollient, shampoo, toothpaste …”, Sophie testifies.

Shopping savings, however, requires some concessions. First, you need to become an opportunist and forget your favorite store to favor, thanks to the catalogs, the one who makes the best offers on the day we plan to do the shopping. Next, make your list from the optimized directory and print all the coupons. All you have to do is go to the store.

After the fundraiser, the result is amazing. “€ 127.24, except that we still have discount coupons, € 14. So we actually paid € 113.24 at the checkout. And we have accumulated € 81 in the reward card and we still have to make returns to the application for an amount of € 17. So it eventually goes down to € 15 instead of € 127 “, Sophie estimates, ie savings of € 115.

For the RTL basket, in which we find shower gel, shampoo, spread, cake and ham on offer, the result is clear: 115 euros savingsthe 88% discount equivalent in one hour with fifteen minutes of preparation, thirty minutes of shopping and another fifteen minutes to do the online procedures and get the latest discounts.

In fact, then it is possible to reduce the annual shopping budget by 65%after you have bought products with little or no promotion, such as meat, fish and fruits and vegetables.

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