Radiation patches have no proven benefit, but Enjoyphoenix promotes them anyway

Radiation patches have no proven benefit, but Enjoyphoenix promotes them anyway


On May 4, 2022, Phoenix enjoyment, the well-known influencer, which is promoted in its networks with an anti-radiation patch. The problem ? It’s no study to prove that it works and these little accessories can even be a danger με We explain.

Migraines, dizziness, nausea, sleep disturbances, fatigue, burning sensation, tingling in the hands, irritability … these symptoms are sometimes associated, by those who feel them, with wave intolerance. Even if the causality between these very real evils can not be proven destroy people’s lives and the waves, the latter do exist: they are transmitted naturally by all everyday wireless devices, from the Internet box to the smartphone. These uncertainties surrounding electrosensitivity do not prevent companies from making money “Miracle” solutions, sold by influencers. And you have to be careful.

Just yesterday, Marie Lopez aka @Enjoyphoenix, influencer with 5.5 million followers on Instagram was promoted through paid collaboration a supposed gadget create a magnetic barrier to protect against the waves coming from our mobile phones. A metal pellet created by the Swiss brand fazup get stuck directly on the phone that claims to reduce or cancel the symptoms attributed to the waves.

“Fazup is not a simple sticker, but a passive antenna that sticks precisely to the antenna of your mobile thanks to the installation tool provided. It regulates the emission of mobile waves at the source and reduces your exposure, but does not eliminate 100% of the waves “. explains the main stakeholder in her Insta stories, which span 7 slides and obviously lead to a -20% promo code.


Hm … Really?

The problem is that there is absolutely no proof that these patches really work. False promises that we went to check out a FAQ dedicated to public exposure to the waves where the National Frequency Agency explains that “ Anti-radiation devices intended to be placed on or near the antenna of the mobile phone do not present significant protection efficiency for all mobile phones and frequency bands tested. »

The latter also refers to the work carried out in 2013 by the National Food, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Agency (ANSES) on the subject. Thirteen devices were tested and here are the conclusions of this study:

“Anti-radiation devices intended to be placed on or near the mobile phone antenna do not show significant protection efficiency for all mobile phones and frequency bands tested. Therefore, no conclusion can be drawn as to their effectiveness in reducing the DAS level. »

ANSES also explained that insurance that modifies mobile radio performance, for example by degrading reception capabilities, risks increasing the user’s exposure level under real-world conditions of use. Our colleagues at Numerama explained at length why consumer devices that emit waves were also proven to be safe and highly controlled in France.

Mobilization based on fear

Enjoyphoenix was not the only influencer Fazup contacted. Many of them have promoted this sticker with strange promises. The purpose of the maneuver? According to research conducted by BFM Business : to scare young mothers or people who want to have children, calling on Instagram users to remember that children absorb ten times more waves than adults. Obviously, no scientific source is mentioned.

The founders themselves have no evidence of effectiveness

Interview on the effectiveness of the products marketed Capital, the two founders of Fazup admitted that they had no evidence to reveal the true effectiveness of their stickers. They also admit that they are playing with words (to avoid criminal consequences): “We write, for example, that our product eliminates the feeling of a headache, not that it eliminates the headaches. If people understand differently, this is their problem. “.

The response from Fazup was transmitted by Capital
The response from Fazup was transmitted by Capital

A vague reason that continues to spread on a large scale, because by targeting influencers with an impressive audience like Enjoyphoenix, sales of these small products can skyrocket. Regardless of their usefulness or the proven existence of what they claim to be fighting.

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