PlayStation Now: the “free” games of May 2022, including a title that will excite anime lovers!

PlayStation Now: the "free" games of May 2022, including a title that will excite anime lovers!


Game news PlayStation Now: the “free” games of May 2022, including a title that will excite anime lovers!

For the penultimate month that separates it from the merger with PlayStation Plus, resulting in a new formula with progressive levels, Sony subscription service wanted to abuse its subscribers with a selection of new titles for its catalog. After the games that were “offered” to the owners of an active PlayStation Plus subscription, here is what awaits PlayStation Now users!

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  • Blasphemous
  • Soulcalibur VI
  • Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

The start date young Playstation Plus Done! Before it is fully absorbed, PlayStation Now intends to shine and convince that its offer, which will be included in the Premium formula of the new PlayStation Plus, is more than attractive. As it plans to fill in with old toys from the catalogs of previous Sony consoles, according to various indications on the internet, the service of the Japanese manufacturer opens the red carpet to its three new winners for the month of May: here they are!


We start with one of metroidvania the most popular in recent years, at the same timeHollow Knightfranchise Limit or even his Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Blasphemous is not an obscenity against the games that helped create this type of video game, but it is actually a blessing for fans of this type of game.. Released in September 2019, The Spanish developers of The Game Kitchen have devised an adventure like no other in Custodia countries. In the skin of the “Repentant”, the only survivor of a massacre orchestrated by a wretched fraternity, you cross a series of religious environments covered with traps of all kinds, arduous battles against abominable monsters and bosses as gigantic as they are doubled with the sole purpose of rescuing the world from a curse, which was paradoxically christened “The Miracle” and unfold it mysteriously.

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Soulcalibur VI

We continue, this time, with a franchise that has long been established in the landscape of video games. After more than seven projects, if we include Soul Blade in the bills, SoulCalibur did not say its last word, as evidenced by this sixth installment released in 2018. Looking forward to a possible future episode, SoulCalibur VI Therefore, as of tomorrow, it is on the PlayStation Now list and promises us a roster of characters that could not be more complete, including even the famous monster hunter and magician Andrzej Sapkowski: Geralt de Riv. To enhance the battle formula one by one, Bandai Namco has introduced a new engineer, the Reversal Edge., which is an extremely aggressive reversal ability capable of reversing the most tense situations. Apart from a series of minor flaws, the game remained true to the series’ DNA: a gameplay with small onions, a lot of content to unlock, a great deal of diversity in the cast and its gameplay!

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

And finally, the famous Konoha ninja closes the list of PlayStation Now additions for this month of May. With a formula that has been developed in various versions and a plot that has spread to all games, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, then, invites us to rediscover, in one-on-one battle mode with a bit of subtlety – that of the two auxiliary characters – the completion of the fourth great ninja war.. The script focuses only on the second part of the absolute confrontation through five chapters, and even ends, thanks to a DLC, with the events that will launch the new generation, which will be conveyed by Boruto. Six years after its release, CyberConnect2 remains a reference to the universe of Masashi Kishimoto’s work, thanks in large part to its accessible gameplay, huge list of characters, Story mode, music, and plenty of content. .

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