Outriders have not yet made money in the Studio People can fly

Outriders have not yet made money in the Studio People can fly


The absence of rights from Square Enix means thatOutsider failed to meet some business objectives, although Square Enix considered the game to be “on the way to become a major licenseIn the spring of 2021. Released on the Game Pass subscription, the sci-fi action-RPG had seen 3.5 million people spend a month after its release, but the number of copies sold was never revealed.

People Can Fly did not receive any rights from the issuer for the period up to 31 December 2021, which means that from that closing date, the net proceeds from the sale of the Outriders were insufficient to recover the costs. and the costs incurred by the publisher in developing, distributing and promoting the title. This was confirmed by the rights statement for the fourth quarter of 2021 received by People Can Fly from the publisher“, We can read.

While a generous payment extension is expected on June 30, People Can Fly warns that there is no guarantee of thisOutsider become profitable one day. “There is no assurance that the net proceeds from the sale of Outriders in future periods will be sufficient to enable the publisher to recover the costs incurred and to pay royalties to People Can Fly“, The report explains.

Project Gemini and Project Dagger: two AAA games for 2024

People Can Fly, which owns no rights to the Outriders franchise, adds that it has the right to refuse to create new content and extensions, so Square Enix may select another developer to replace it. This precision intended for shareholders does not mean that the relationship between the studio and the publisher has deteriorated, especially since the Polish studio is still working on a new AAA for Square Enix, codenamed Project Gemini. We also learn that the latter will have a volume comparable to Outsider and that it aims to release in 2024.

Square Enix came as a surprise this week by announcing that it is leaving all the properties it acquired in 2009 with the acquisition of Eidos Interactive, for the benefit of the Embracer group. This $ 300 million sale includes Crystal Dynamics Studios, Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Montreal and about fifty games and licenses, including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief and Legacy of Kain. However, Square Enix has retained control of its games and licenses developed by external studios such as Just Cause, Life is Strange or Outriders.

in addition to Project Gemini with Square Enix, the studio collaborates with Take-Two Interactive Project Dagger, an action-RPG with a significant budget (between 40 and 60 million euros) whose development has been entrusted to its teams based in the United States. The release of the game is also aimed at the year 2024.

In 2021, for its first year as a listed company, People Can Fly achieved a turnover of 38.3 million euros, increased by 74% and a net profit of 13 million euros, increased by 150%. This increase is mainly due to the money received from Square Enix and Take-Two for the two AAAs under development.

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