Oral-B iO Serie 6 test: a simple and durable attached toothbrush

Oral-B iO Serie 6 test: a simple and durable attached toothbrush


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Ease of use

The Oral-B iO Serie 6 is a swinging rotating electric toothbrush. This technology means that the round-shaped brush head performs thousands of rotations per minute while vibrating to remove the plate as efficiently as possible. This system contrasts with the sound technology found primarily in Philips BDE (electric toothbrushes). Typically, oscillating rotating BDEs perform up to 48,000 movements per minute and audio models 15,000 to 31,000.

Round brush head for oscillation-rotation technology.

Round brush head for oscillation-rotation technology.

The handle of this toothbrush is covered with a matte gray plastic that is pleasant to hold. At the level of this handle we find a small screen that shows one of the five ways of brushing (softness, whiteness, gum care, intense cleanliness, cleanliness) or even gives access to the various BDE settings. There are two buttons on each side of this screen. The one at the bottom is used to scroll through the programs while the one at the top allows you to select one of these programs, but also to turn the toothbrush on and off.

There are two buttons on each side of this screen.

There are two buttons on each side of this screen.

When we turn on the toothbrush, he greets us with a “hello”. A timer is activated at the beginning of the brushing to indicate the duration of the operation on the screen. When this time comes, a small smile appears indicating that the brushing time has been met. A pressure sensor alerts you with a light signal when the brush head is pressed too hard on the teeth (red if there is too much pressure, white if not enough pressure and green if the pressure is good).

Oral-B iO Serie 6 benefits from Bluetooth connectivity: after downloading the Oral-B app and following the instructions in the app, all you have to do is bring your BDE close to your smartphone to make the coupling.

Once the toothbrush is connected, it appears in the application. With each brushing, it indicates the areas of the jaw (with a three-dimensional representation of the jaw at the interface) that have been cleaned and those that will need to be ironed.

The application also provides an overview of the number of brushes performed, the brush surface covered during the last use or the remaining life of the brush head.

Attention, in order to record the brushing, it is necessary to start the application beforehand, the toothbrush itself does not hold the movements that have been made. The brush analysis is done in real time by the application.

Of course, this BDE can be used without the exclusive application, but in this case it loses much of its functionality.

Like all self-respecting electric toothbrushes, the iO Serie 6 offers a default timer set to 2 minutes of brushing, which corresponds to the length recommended by dentists. In addition, the handle vibrates every 30 seconds to warn the user that it is time to change brushing area.

Finally, the Oral-B iO Serie 6 comes with a travel case, charging cradle and a single brush head. Of course we would appreciate that this model comes with a second brush head, especially since the price of a brush head from the iO series is significantly higher than that of a more classic Oral-B brush head. You will really need 40 € to get the set of four iO brushes (compared to about fifteen euros for four brushes of simpler models).


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