only one union signed the proposal for a general salary increase for the administration

only one union signed the proposal for a general salary increase for the administration


Among the unions representing about 15,500 Amazon France employees, only one, the CFE-CGC executive union, signed an agreement with management on Tuesday for a general wage increase of 3.5%, which other organizations deemed insufficient in a framework of high inflation. .

“We have not signed because this proposal remains indecent”, explains to Agence France-Presse, Morgane Boulard, representative of the central union CFDT, after a last meeting on Tuesday. But she says to herself “Rather satisfied that the administration has not increased by 3%”.

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1eee-May, the various representative unions (CFDT, SUD, CGT, CAT, CFE-CGC) had indeed regretted that the administration of the American giant “blackmail”to them “Saying that if the unions did not sign” On Tuesday, their proposal at + 3.5%, a 3% increase in salaries would be decided unilaterally.

Finally, only the CFE-CGC signed an agreement leading to a very old claim on its part on 13and months of certain employees. After two and a half hours of negotiations, the French management of the group decided “stay unilaterally at an increase of 3.5%”explained Morgane Boulard.

The unions are demanding 5% against inflation

“They listened to the demands of the inter-union”, abundant Hakim Taoufik, CAT Central Trade Union Representative. However, the organizations did not sign because they wanted to “At least 5%, given that inflation today is 4.8% and that, while a few years ago the base salary on Amazon was 15% to 20% above the smic, it is only a few cents now.”.

The administration has reduced some previous advantages, such as the number of authorized absences without proof, which goes from three to one, “A better retirement benefit or even flexible working hours for people who want to use PMA [procréation médicalement assistée] »details Morgane Boulard and Hakim Taoufik.

In an announcement, the administration stated “We are pleased to confirm Amazon’s attractive pay rise proposal, which[elle pensait] well placed for [ses] employees and which will be implemented within [ses] eight distribution centers, as well as other economic measures “.. Among these measures: the status of supervisor for computer technicians, or even bonuses at the end of the year, clarifies the same source.

The social movement erupted on April 4 at Amazon’s eight logistics facilities in France. CGT had specifically noted that Amazon was going “To charge 5% tax on its sellers to deal with the increase in fuel”but refused “To give 5% to its employees to cope with the increase in fuel”.

The American giant made 33 billion dollars [31 milliards d’euros] profits in 2021, although inflation and shortages weigh on the economic outlook for 2022.

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