Nintendo Switch Sports: The Perfect Video Game for the Whole Family!

Nintendo Switch Sports: The Perfect Video Game for the Whole Family!


Nintendo’s flagship sports gaming license is back for a new installment: is the Nintendo Switch Sports as good as its predecessors?

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Equip your straps, put on your best jogging, the return of a legendary sports license is coming! Remember, for years, Wii Sports had managed to bring all generations of the same family together in front of the Nintendo console. Even today starred in nursing homes. The game sold almost 82 million copies and became the muse of its time. Almost sixteen years later and in general madness, the sequel to Wii Sport finally arrives and the next generation is called Nintendo Switch Sports! And then good news, they arrive on time to quietly prepare the summer body, is not it beautiful? So will the Nintendo Switch Sports be the new key element of its generation?


No need to warm up, at Nintendo Switch Sports, we land directly on Spocco Square, the game’s big sports complex. In the program, There are 6 sports activities that can be played online and offline, alone or with others: football, badminton, volleyball, chambara, bowling and tennis. This is a fairly varied menu and adapted to all tastes. And so that the recipe does not run out quickly, a young child will attend the party this fall: golf! Fortunately, the update will be free and we like the idea of ​​seeing the game expand over the months to revive the machine a bit. Among all these disciplines, licensed practitioners will necessarily recognize some. In fact, there are really only three innovations in the game: football, badminton and volleyball, which we warmly welcome. In short, we are entitled to new but also classic and that is exactly what we want!

Before we start our little sport, going to the locker room is of course mandatory! Get out of the traditional Mii and their corner faces! The new avatars adopt more rounded, more chibi features! The adjustment is quite limited, but the result is, let’s face it, quite adorable. If you’re not convinced, know that you can always swap these cute little characters with the Miis, just to make the nostalgic fiber vibrate to the end. There is no time to lose, let’s go for the sports session. With music and colorful décor, the Nintendo Switch Sports still has a very welcoming aura. It is super beautiful! Well, you still have to put aside the classic Switch aliasing and a few drops of the framerate. In any case, the game immediately recalls the sweet memories of family mini-games. And inevitably, it makes you happy and you really want to dive into it without further ado.


So where do we start? How about a little badminton game to get you started? For each new player, each branch has its own seminar that dictates all the moves that must be made for all the shots. The stage is necessary to properly assimilate everything. The handling is quite good and comfortable for any sport. For badminton, the grip is necessarily quite simple. And we quickly understand that strike time is always necessary. If you lose it, your character falls to the ground and does not get up fast enough to avoid eating a nasty point against his camp. A little disappointing, we admit it! But discipline remains one of the easiest to possess and is a lot of fun.

So what do we do now? Yes, Switch Sports goes fast, there is no time to fool around and no time to get bored, we can chain activities as we think. Here, why not a tennis game to keep your hand on the racket? Unlike badminton, it can be played with more than two players. Ideal for 4 player games. Either you plan very simple shots, or you perfect your movement to perform some top spins and cuts with your ball. It’s up to you to see if you want to play it quiet or very competitive! You are also generally entitled to three fairly well-balanced levels of difficulty for all sports. This is what we like about this game, it is that it can be adapted to all ages and at all levels.. Everyone can really have fun! We want to talk about the grandfather who has never put his hands on the controller as well as the teenager who likes to spend part of his free time playing games. Good on the other hand, we can not do much against the small problems of inaccuracy: motion gaming is sometimes perfectly perfect and is felt in some rough shots. Hard to make perfect shots even with all possible efforts! But it’s still fun, and that’s all we expect from the game. We continue the review. Here, volleyball! It’s more technical, but just as cool! We provide passes, counters and crashes in a good mood. On the other hand, once you switch to more than two players on a split screen, it is not very nice and the action becomes really illegible, and this is quite restrictive for such a sport. We are staring at everything to watch, and it is not very comfortable.

Okay, what would you say to playing a little chatterbox game now. These duels that appeared at Wii Sports Resort consist of throwing the opponent from the platform, giving him blows with swords and immobilization. The activity is as enjoyable as it is fast. It’s basically perfect to decide right away who should do the dishes at home tonight. The chambara offers various types of accessories for good reproduction: a sword, a charging sword or two swords. Good with two swords, it’s fun, but it quickly gets messy and we find ourselves shaking with our hands in all directions. But as usual, we have a good time.

What if we go back to a classic now? Bowling! Ahh, bowling πολλές so many beautiful memories! What we like about this new episode is that everyone can play at the same time, so we do not have to wait for the turn to end. And you will be glad to know that we are entitled to a special function with obstacle courses. You have to do it, bowling is not really a sport with surprises, and this addition is perfect to enrich the games! So what do we have to see now? Oh, yes, football! Well, let’s talk about it. Vdo you watch the Rocket League? Well, it sounds a little, but less nervous, it has to be said. Here, if passes are allowed, tackles are not allowed. It’s a pity, because it stings us a lot. We also notice that the ground is huge while our speedometer is clearly not balanced enough to cover the surface! Basically, we spend time chasing a huge ball and this inevitably creates small moments of uncertainty. Allied artificial intelligence is also not really reactive and tends to be more or less hidden in defense. Well, there, we listed a lot of mistakes, but we laughed at that again! Especially because discipline offers a unique dimension: for once, we use a lot of joy to move the characters. By the way, the leg strap, a great addition to the episode, is currently only compatible with the penalty shootout. Until this summer the traditional games are played only by hand with huge balls. We wonder what it will give.

Okay, now that we’ve done the rounds, is the Nintendo Switch Sports the new essential for the Switch? In any case, to play as a family, we want to say yes! The formula works with everyone, it’s fun, it’s accessible and we have a really good time together. There are drawbacks: we think of the small split screens that make some actions unreadable, the small drop in framerate, the lack of accuracy and the unbalanced sprints in football matches. But the fun is constant from start to finish! The Nintendo Switch Sports offers a variety of sports programs that the whole family will love and which we look forward to seeing expand in the coming months. And for all these reasons, we give it a score of 16/20.


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