Nintendo Switch Sports test, does he win the gold medal?

test nintendo switch sports


The competition is on: can the Nintendo Switch Sports outperform its Wii Sports predecessor? Answer to this test.

Do you remember? Wii Sports ? Most gamers today must have played it as a child or teenager and it is still one of the most iconic games Nintendo has released on the Wii. The company’s motivation to replicate the experience with a brand new project on the Nintendo Switch is therefore obvious.

Nintendo Switch Sports, is both a guaranteed return to childhood and Nintendo’s way of bringing young and old around a family, sports and accessible game. The company’s bet is to combine nostalgia and modernity to create a title that will mark the era of video games as its predecessor did. Has Nintendo reached the end of its ambitions or is it on the sidelines this time? Answer to this test Nintendo Switch Sports.

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3, 2, 1, go!

You will understand in our handling of the game that Nintendo Switch Sports he had already partially beaten us, though we only had a brief look at what he is capable of. As a reminder, it invites you to roll up your sleeves and take part in 6 sports, some of which are already known to the public. In the menu, we find the emblematic tennis and bowling, chambara, football, volleyball and finally badminton.

So you have something for everyone with team and individual sports, outdoors or indoors. Some of them have managed to make their way since then Wii Sports or its version Resorts released a short time later. With happiness and enthusiasm we rediscovered tennis and bowling, which are similar in every respect in terms of engineering. However, be careful with bowling, which requires a lot of help to dominate the ball results, which are sometimes very arbitrary.

bowling nintendo switch sports
Contributors: Nintendo / JDG

As for the new ones, they are just as enjoyable to handle as the old ones. Badminton and volleyball are the perfect examples of Nintendo’s skill in the senses, as they are two quite technical sports that take some time to adapt. Victory is not given to you on the plate, it is often the accuracy that prevails. This also applies to the tsambara, which does not really leave its place to chance.

Only football is entitled to privileged treatment, and fortunately, otherwise it would be difficult to follow. The Nintendo Switch Sports version does not strictly follow the rules of real football, but the difficulty lies in the mechanics of the game, as evidenced by the Joy-Con that you should use in pairs only for this sport.

The program is therefore varied and the activities offered by Nintendo are all specialties of choice. Some of them, such as bowling or even bowling alleys, have special features that allow you to rediscover sports from a different, even more fun point of view. You can also fully customize your games thanks to built-in settings and options such as bowling, for example. This is a much needed addition if Nintendo wants to satisfy its players in the long run.

However, we would not say no to a handful of extra sports, even if it meant drawing more inspiration than what was offered at Wii Sports. If we know that the studio will excite us with a new sport in the fall – golf – we hope it will not be the last planned addition. However, nintendo switch Sports has more than just the ability to play, which is enriched with an online feature, which we will discuss later.

Do not be afraid to get your shirt wet

When it comes to sports games, Nintendo is in familiar territory. Except Wii Sportswe were also entitled to some notable titles, including WiiFit the Ring Fit Adventure. Compared, Nintendo Switch Sports clearly not as intense, but after an hour of play, you will definitely get out of it with some pain in your hand.

However, you never leave a session Switch Sports with the impression that he has imposed an education. The variety of disciplines on offer and the fun they offer means that every minute spent on the game can be summed up as pure entertainment. In addition, Nintendo is innovating with this project by incorporating the first sport that can be played on foot. It’s not (yet) about football, strictly speaking, but about penalties, which require a ribbon to hang Joy-Con.

football test nintendo switch sports
Contributors: Nintendo

This is the great power of the studio: to succeed in creating something new with something old, offering an increasingly innovative but accessible game. If we had to do every sport one by one, we would definitely find things we like more or less. But if tastes and colors are not discussed, we can objectively say that all industries are both realistic and affordable in terms of difficulty. Without jealousy, everyone takes first place on the podium.

Nintendo Switch Sports, therefore it is a game that we believe bridges the generations, bringing together both beginners and experienced players, franchise connoisseurs and newcomers. Nintendo has grasped its power and is using it once again wisely.

We do not change a winning team, we modernize it

In addition to the entertainment aspect, and the competitive aspect, we find in Nintendo Switch Sports a beautiful and colorful universe that still monitors the graphics performance of the console. We have nothing to complain about the overall appearance of the game or even its visual experience (perspectives, camera angles, etc.). We also appreciate the effort to immerse ourselves in the iconic sports complex that is Spocco Square. This changes from the inanimate menus of its predecessor.

nintendo switch sports
Contributors: Nintendo / JDG

Another big innovation, the Miis, famous characters that appeared with the Wii, have given way to new faces, more stylish and compatible with the era. When creating your profile and at any time during your session, you can customize your character as well as their clothes. From what we have seen, customization options are very limited by default and you will need to earn points if you want to redeem them for extra clothes and accessories. Cleaners will also appreciate the fact that Miis are still a viable option.

Obviously, Nintendo Switch Sports is also the perfect opportunity to play with your loved ones, most games accept multi-player local mode for up to 4 people. It should therefore be quickly imposed on the back of the package for parties or family gatherings, next to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and companies.

Take part in the world competition

Finally, we wanted to measure our level with that of players around the world for this test Nintendo Switch Sports. To do this, go to the online mode, which has some advantages to offer us. If the function of Spocco Square is almost the same and you have access to the same sports, some nuances need to be done for some game modes.

For example, there is a difference in bowling, which takes the form of a battle royale on the internet. With a choice of 3 rounds, you must try to impose yourself on 15 other players. So we are moving up a level in the competition and we have to admit that it is even more exciting than meeting your loved ones. As the games progress, things get harder and you encounter more and more formidable opponents.

However, we forget the special bowling function and the penalty shootout for football, only the chambara maintains its fantastic ways of playing, offering as usual the energy sword and the double sword. However, there are some advantages, especially the ability to control multiple games, which allows you to search for multiple games at once or even start a random match.

With each win, you earn points for your participation so you can earn cosmetics to customize your character. This is done randomly and according to temporary collections, which encourages you to play to refresh your virtual avatar. The Nintendo Switch Sports also rewards fair play by awarding a few points even to losers. After all, the important thing is to participate!

After a good two hours of play, not even the slightest trace of tournaments, so we imagine that they are unlocked either by a certain level, or that they will be available a little later. More details will be given about this test when we learn more.

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