Minimum wage increase, RSA, tobacco prices … What changes on May 1st

Minimum wage increase, RSA, tobacco prices ... What changes on May 1st


A series of changes. From this Sunday, May 1, the minimum wage and various social benefits are benefiting from a rise in inflation associated with the high inflation recorded in France for several months. The salaries of public officials are also affected by this automatic increase. On the expenditure side, the price of gas remains unchanged because it has been frozen by the government and the price of some cigarettes is even lower.

Automatic increase of the minimum wage

France continues to show inflation, which reached 4.8% in one year according to the latest INSEE estimate. What causes, as provided by law, an adjustment of the minimum wage by 2.65% on May 1st. This boost, which affects just over 2 million workers in France, according to the Ministry of Labor, is around thirty euros. Indeed, for full-time work, the minimum monthly wage now stands at 1,645.58 euros gross. Ή net monthly fee ranging from 1,269 to 1,302.64 euros. As for the gross hourly wage, it increased by 28 cents to reach 10.85 euros.

Mechanically, this increase in the minimum wage causes a revaluation of his pointminimum rate for civil servants, territorial and hospital public service, in order to avoid their salary being lower than the minimum wage. The salaries of the interested agents will thus amount to 1,649.48 euros gross monthly for full-time employment, compared to 1,607.31 euros so far.

A push for social assistance

To a lesser extent, some state aid is also increasing. An increase of 1.8% will apply to family allowances, activity allowance, active solidarity income (RSA) or even disability benefit (ADR).

It should also be noted that this increase also affects the return to school allowance (ARS), which is paid in August. According to the Family Allowance Fund, the ARS will now amount to € 376.98 for children aged 6 to 10, to € 397.78 for children aged 11 to 14 and to € 411.56 for teens aged 15 to 18 years old.

Best rewards for trainees in vocational training

A new remuneration system is in place for job seekers attending training. This scale applies to all courses approved by the Region or the State and determines the salaries according to the age of the trainees. Thus, the tip will be 200 euros for children aged 16-18, instead of 130 euros today. For trainees aged 18 to 25 years it will amount to 500 euros. Eventually it will reach 685 euros per month for people 26 years and older.

Drop in the price of some brands of cigarettes

It’s quite rare, but several brands of cigarettes, including Lucky Strike, Rothmans, Vogue, and even Winfield, have seen their prices drop by 10 cents on average in tobacconists. Note that not all products of these brands are affected. On the contrary, some reports now cost slightly more. Rolling tobacco is not affected by this price update, which last appeared on March 1, as recalled by the Customs website.

Black boxes for new cars

As with airplanes, trucks and buses, the personal vehicles on the market must now be equipped with a black box, ie a measuring system capable of recording the parameters of the vehicle (driving, seat belt use, GPS location, engine status). a few seconds before the accident, in order to be analyzed later.

This measure aims to better understand road accidents, in order to finally reduce it, hopes the European Parliament, which voted in favor of this obligation in 2019. The government clarifies that this measure will be extended to all cars, including used ones, in 2024 .

Pay attention to tax deadlines and student scholarship applications

May is also the deadline for income declaration for the past year. For paperwork, you have until May 19, regardless of where you live. The electronic declarants have until May 24 for the residents of the apartments from 01 to 19, until May 31 for the sections 20 to 54 and until June 8 for those who live in the apartments 55 to 976.

Finally, the revision of the diploma and the individual should not make the students of the year 2022-2023 forget that they have until May 15 to complete the student social file (DSE). Without it, it is impossible to hope that you will benefit from a scholarship based on social criteria or accommodation in a university residence.


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