Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Not one, not two, but three spiders for incarnation?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Not one, not two, but three spiders for incarnation?


Game news Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Not one, not two, but three spiders for incarnation?

After the success of the first opus and the standalone Miles Morales, insomniac will have to come back once again and offer Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 comic book fans a lot of leaks. Last rumor to date: the ability to play three characters.

Insomniac Games, a rising Playstation star

Many players are waiting for Spider-Man to return with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. The first work produced by insomniac Games has already slipped into Peter Parker’s leggings with some success. Shortly afterwards, Miles Morales was the one to weave his web on the Playstation 5 with the arrival of the standalone Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. New success for Insomniac, which was the de facto new studio for comic book adaptations for video games.

With Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartInsomniac teams are definitely part of the Playstation essential. Next step ? The long-awaited Marvel’s Wolverine and, as mentioned earlier, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It’s the last thing we care about today: Despite many recent leaks, rumors of the final experience continue to grow. According to a post shared on Reddit by 4Chan and recently deleted, it will be possible to incorporate at least three characters, including a flagship bad.

Peter Parker, Miles Morales and … Venom?

The anonymous user claims that the following information comes directly from Insomniac, but nothing has been confirmed by the studio. So we take a deep breath, take a step back and lots of tweezers for what’s to come. We already knew that insomniac was planning to employ Peter Parker as well as Miles Morales as playable characters. We should be able to play our two heroes alternately, each of whom will be available for very specific missions. On the other hand, we learn today that a third character that can play could very well be in the game.

The description of this character is quite ambiguous. We learn that he will be able to eliminate his opponents using smoke curtains, missiles as well as a kind of “artificial or organic tentacles”. Therefore, we think directly of Venom. On the other hand, unlike the two characters mentioned above, this third avatar will only be available for a limited time, for specific missions and cannot be directed to the open world. If this description is not for Venom, it could be a symbiotic version of Peter. in anticipation of further information, and especially formalization, we gladly admit that the idea of ​​embodying the terrible symbiosis is enjoyable.

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