Mario Kart Live Home Circuit at a lower price thanks to Luigi

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit à moindre prix grâce à Luigi


New good design Mario Kart Live Home Circuit at a lower price thanks to Luigi

This is a good plan for Cdiscount if you want to discover a Nintendo Switch game in augmented reality. The Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is available in the Luigi version at 58 € instead of 78 € for the Mario version. A good way to get this unique game if you are not interested in choosing the character.

In Mario Kart, who will you choose?

This version concerns the character of Luigi, and is 20 € cheaper than Mario’s. If your choice of character is indifferent to you or if you prefer Luigi, this is the right design with this alternative box in brother colors.

Buy Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Luigi at € 58 at Cdiscount

For those unfamiliar with the game, this is a version of Mario Kart developed specifically for the Nintendo Switch that offers play with characters from the Mario universe in virtual reality in your home. The trailers made sense at the time and tests a year ago confirmed the fun aspect of the title and the joy of seeing the game literally reach our theaters.

In practice, a camera is on a copy of Luigi’s kart and will allow you first of all in exploration mode to discover your living room on screen. This has little effect and the characters and augmented reality objects will enhance your journey.

Characters from the Mario universe are coming to your living room

This route, the game offers you to build it yourself thanks to natural gates. You will thus have types of modular checkpoints that will allow you to create a unique race each time.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit at a lower price thanks to Luigi

Obviously, the physical mini-card is obligatory, leaving the route created in this way will have no effect on your speed, but you will not be able to retrieve the items because they are only on the track. These elements, logically, affect the real physical kart : when you pick a mushroom it will accelerate, when a shell hits you it will stop, etc.

A toy that takes advantage of the space in your living room

If you have space in the house, you can create circuits up to 18 meters long. The real limit will actually be that of your Wifi, as the Nintendo Switch will use your wireless internet connection.

Multiplayer mode lets you play up to 4 locals, everyone should have their own kart and switch. This Luigi Kart will therefore be a good way to play with other friends who have a version of this Mario Kart Home Circuit.

So here’s a fun and intergenerational way to keep busy with family or friends and combine the fun of video games that everyone likes with a real-world application. In addition, this Luigi version is ideal for testing the game at a lower cost, as it costs € 20 less than the corresponding Mario.

Buy Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Luigi at € 58 at Cdiscount

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