Lost Ark, a preview of the May update: A new order, a Legion raid, a Guardian raid … take stock

Lost Ark, a preview of the May update: A new order, a Legion raid, a Guardian raid ... take stock


news advice Lost Ark, a preview of the May update: A new order, a Legion raid, a Guardian raid … take stock

Here is more information on the May update, which will specifically bring a new category and new high-quality content to Lost Ark

It was this Friday that the developers of Lost Ark decided to publish information about the big update of May. This contains a lot of content and most likely, if not fixed by then, will fix the chaos dungeons hardware error. Let’s see together what changes and think about completing your Arche Pass!

First look at the Lost Ark May Patch


  • First look at the Lost Ark May Patch
    • Legion Raid: Valtan (Normal and Hard Operation)
    • Guardian Raid: Deskaluda
    • Advanced Destroyer Class
    • Additional content in May
      • Guardian Raids (Challenge)
      • New missions and activities in the open world
      • New Guild Activities
      • Neria’s wardrobe
      • General Updates
      • Balance adjustments and updates
    • The following

Here’s everything the Lost Ark developers announced for the May update. Note that none Express pass has not been announced for Destructive. Will it therefore be necessary to place it “in the old-fashioned way”? Will there be a fold in the store? We do not know at this time. It will be interesting to see how this goes, since in the Korean version of the game, each new class was entitled to an express ticket for level 50.

Legion Raid: Valtan (Normal and Hard Operation)

Lost Ark, a preview of the May update: A new order, a Legion raid, a Guardian raid ... take stock

This is the first legionnaire raid on the western version of Lost Ark. Legion Raids are challenging team-based activities that require very strong team cohesion to define and implement the strategy that will address the particular characteristics, skills and mechanisms of each Legion Commander. Because legion raids are exhausting and time consuming, they contain gates (or checkpoints) that will record your progress. The Valtan is an eight-man, two-gate legion raid that introduces a whole host of young engineers. Players must have reached object level 1415 to try their luck at “normal” difficulty and 1445 for “hard”. The Legion Raid: Valtan will also introduce a new “relic” rare equipment. The heirloom equipment can be made from materials obtained during the raid. They provide more armor and weapons bonuses, as well as bigger status bonuses and more accessory nodes.

Guardian Raid: Deskaluda

Lost Ark, a preview of the May update: A new order, a Legion raid, a Guardian raid ... take stock

Guardians are powerful entities capable of tilting the scales in favor of good or evil. A new guardian will appear and must be defeated before setting off a new era of darkness. To try your luck, you must have reached item level 1415. As with other Guardian raids, you can try to defeat Deskaluda either solo or with up to three other heroes through player encounters. . Just like in Legion Raid: Valtan, you will be able to win quality Relic accessories if you beat Deskaluda.

Advanced Destroyer Class

Lost Ark, a preview of the May update: A new order, a Legion raid, a Guardian raid ... take stock

Armed with a range of abilities that allow him to smash the pile, his hammer attacks are destructive to the point of affecting gravity: the destroyer can slow down, fly, push and pull enemies as much as it can. . Thanks to the huge imbalance damage it causes, Destroyer will be very useful for teams trying to beat strong opponents. The destroyer joins the puzzler, the paladin and the gunner, and becomes the warrior’s fourth advanced class.

Additional content in May

Guardian Raids (Challenge)

Guardian Raids (Challenge) will be a new weekly activity for players looking for a new challenge. Each week, you can try to defeat three Challenge Keepers. To deal with each of them, you will need a different level of objects. Each week, a guard will be replaced by a new enemy he will face. Unlike regular Guardian Raids, Balance Balance will be applied to Guardian Raids (Challenge) to match the level of your character’s objects with that of your enemy. Also, you can not use the Battle Workshop in the Raid zone. The greater the challenge, the more interesting the rewards. The rewards given to each defeated Guardian can be claimed once per week on World Quest and are more varied than regular Guardian raids.

New missions and activities in the open world

South Bern Activities: Chaos Line Hard Mode, Thunder Wings Field Boss, South Bern Chaos Gates, South Bern Ghost Ship and South Bern Chaos Dungeons entrance to Archesia.

Wild Rise Isle: Archesia is a vast land full of myriad threats, though not all of them are terrifying. Looking forward to taking revenge on their friends and family who ended up at your table, Crispy Golden Monarcoq plans to invade the island. Players transform into chicken or beer to fight the Monarcoq boss and win coins for the event. The faster you defeat the enemy waves, the faster other Monarroosters appear and the more coins you can earn! Wild Rise Island is a new event where you can join a co-op or solo to quell this unique uprising. Join a co-op mission

New Guild Activities

Guilds already allow raids to be found and the Guild Store to be used, but new PvE and PvP guild activities will be available from May. Challenge across Archesia to check the guild bases and prove that yours is the best.

Island Siege: This guild activity allows you to fight other guilds in PvP. Your ranking is determined by the number of points you earn when you complete the objectives and defeat the enemy players. Earn rewards and assets such as gems (special abilities) or accessories, among others.

Raid match: enter a base with your guild and face the scary sylmael devourer. Once you are called, you will only have a little time to work with your guild and destroy it. The faster you kill him, the higher you get in the guild rankings.

If you’ve not yet joined a guild, now is the time to join! Use the Alt-U shortcut or go to the Guilds menu in the menu list by pressing Esc. Then, if you are not yet in a guild, you can browse them and apply to join. Many Lost Ark content creators have created guilds for their communities, so check to make sure you no longer belong to someone or a guild of friends.

Neria’s wardrobe

Lost Ark, a preview of the May update: A new order, a Legion raid, a Guardian raid ... take stock

Players seem to want more skins, so we’re adding Neria’s monthly wardrobe to the regular store updates coming out in May. This is a pop-up store that sells individual skins (for head, chest, legs, etc.) and will be available for about a month. Here you can buy specific items for your character, such as hats, T-shirts, jeans, dresses with form and shine and much more. Your character will face mythical bosses dressed in fashionable clothes.

General Updates

May will see many general improvements, such as front and rear attack indicators, the ability to view daily and weekly content in a new menu, interface changes, enhanced party find and invitation features, updated steal disassembly, more user-friendly Marketplace and auction Features of the house and some impressive new features, such as the ability to randomly invite favorite accessories and new hairstyles!

Balance adjustments and updates

Smilegate RPG recently released a balance patch for many of its Advanced Classes to better customize and define their battlefield roles, including the impact of the Advanced Destroyer Class. People unfamiliar with these changes will be able to learn more by reading the patch notes and seeing them in Archesia.

The following

Smiltegate explains that they look forward to adding these new activities to the game in May and for players to try their luck in the first Legion Raid, engage in new end-of-game content, and embark on adventures. guild versus guild fights. They point out that now that Valtan, Deskaluda and new end-of-game content are scheduled for May, they will review the roadmap for this summer and give you a preview later this month. As always, they also announce that they take into account the data and comments of the players in order to make their decisions.

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