Lidl is asking its customers to limit the purchase of this product, the French leap

Lidl demande à ses clients de limiter l'achat de ce produit, les Français bondissent


Remember his advertising slogan lidl ? The phrase “We are a bad boss” has never been implemented as much as it is now. Indeed, the situation is increasingly catastrophic after the various crises. Michel Biero, his boss Lidl France gave an interview to journalists from Parisian and explains everything that changes with inflation…

How is Lidl dealing with the crisis? Shortages and rising prices…

The words of the boss of Lidl France are close to those of Michel Edouard Leclerc who was on BFM this Sunday. The discount brand boss returns to the recommendations for sharing sunflower oil bottles. Indeed, he gave this measure to these groups and asked for posters to be placed in stores to inform customers. The goal is not to exceed a certain number of liters per person. On the other hand, to reassure journalists, he explains that there is no danger ” lack of of this product. Empty shelves are mainly caused by excess customers: “Some consumers get stock”complains.

His boss lidl give his opinion

However, the head of Lidl France is not going to lie about the prices… Indeed, they will increase and this is already true for this product. Indeed, sunflower oil went from 1.79 euros to 2.10 euros in just three months. Quite a significant increase. In addition, he is afraid of problems for poultry. Indeed, there is a problem with bird flu and this animal is highly dependent on Ukraine. So Michel Biero admits that “The situation is tense.” He wonders, for example, if there will be enough duck for the 2022 holiday season.

Avian flu and conflicts in Ukraine complicate matters

As a result, supplies are likely to be complicated for eggs as well. From bird flu “Decimates five to ten farms a day in France”. Therefore, prices will automatically increase as this commodity becomes rarer. For beef and pork, prices will go up next week. We expect about 40 minutes per kilo.

Even if you have to be a responsible consumer and not abuse, the best investment you can make today is in storage! Indeed, buy the products you will consume tomorrow to save money. As you will understand, in the words of these two bosses, prices will explode a bit in all product families. So if you want to maintain some purchasing power and not collapse, you can, logically, buy a little more than expected and save. Your wallet will thank you.

For example, here is the message that is indicated at the entrance of the store lidl located near Part-Dieu station in Lyon: “We are currently experiencing supply difficulties for several of our products. Also, to satisfy all our customers, please restrict your purchases “. Thus, customers should respect the market as much as possible “Four bottles of 0.75 liter organic sunflower oil”or three one-liter bottles relative “sunflower oil, a mixture of four oils and rapeseed oil”Moreover “A bottle of 3 liters of sunflower oil and two liters of frying oil”.

Mass product recalls …

In addition, the agri-food sector is suffering from another major problem. These are the many product recalls and once again they apply to all categories. Freshly frozen pizzas Buitoni caused a scandal, because there were two dead and several injured. We can also mention chocolates Kinder just before the Easter holidays or ice cream contaminated with ethylene oxide.

Lidl is no exception to the rule and one of the brand’s products has been singled out and withdrawn from sale. This is a chocolate cake from the brand sondey available on the shelves of the King of Opportunities. These cakes will contain a level of sodium diphosphate (E450) above the permitted safety limit. In addition, when you look at a composition and see the letter “E” written, go on … Additives are not good for your health in all cases.


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