It is now possible to replicate the first Zelda directly on the Web

It is now possible to replicate the first Zelda directly on the Web


If you can not wait for the next dose Breath of the Wildmaybe you can wait while diving back to the first Zeldawhich can now be reproduced directly on the Web.

Released in 1987 in Europe, The Legend of Zelda has now acquired the status of a cult game. The very first installment of the Zelda epic, which now has dozens of games, laid the groundwork for what was to become a major global video game universe. Since then, fans have grabbed it and put Zelda, Link, Gerudos or Gorons on all sauces and on all platforms. From April 29, 2022, it is still possible to repeat the first Zelda through your browser.

Conor Clark, a Google developer, has released a website that lets you play Zelda with nothing more than a computer, keyboard, and mouse. In a few clicks and after entering your nickname, you will fall into Hyrule with your shield, a handful of hearts and nothing else. Then you can rediscover the 1987 game from the comfort of your computer, tablet or phone. Say goodbye to CRT TVs, dusty containers and tangled cables: this version of Zelda requires nothing more than a little time and dedication.

Hundreds of versions available

To be more precise, Connor Clark’s work actually goes far beyond bringing a classic Nintendo to the web. The entire Zelda Classic engine has been made available to Internet users. Based on the very first game, this set of tools really makes it possible for fans to create and play many versions of Zelda. All titles retain the spirit and appearance of Zelda, but some (called “missions”) are radically different from the original title. Dungeons have been added to some, enemies have been invented, others game engineers have been modified … In short, the Zelda Classic engine goes beyond the simple simulator that lets you play the cult Nintendo title.

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As Connor Clark explains on his website, “Many are the spiritual successors of the original, perhaps with improved graphics, but very recognizable as a Zelda game. Their complexity, quality and duration vary. Beware, some are just awful, so use your judgment and use rankings to guide you.“The site has hundreds of different versions: for a clearer view, you can therefore go to the Zelda Classic site to take a look at all the available shipments.

If you just want to play the original game, go to Connor Clark’s website, select Search List, then 1st Quest, and then click Play. Then you can rediscover this classic NES. And if you feel like a hacker, you can even create missions with the game editor provided. The whole Zelda Classic engine is really open source and allows anyone who wants to get their hands dirty to create new adventures in Hyrule.

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