Increase of the minimum wage, revaluation of the CAF βοή aid which changes on 1 May

Increase of the minimum wage, revaluation of the CAF βοή aid which changes on 1 May


Minimum wage, CAF aid and last days of voter registration for parliamentary elections: everything changes on May 1st.

A new month begins and with it many innovations. Minimum Wage, CAF Aid, and Last Days of Voting for Parliamentary Elections: Here’s Everything That Changes This Sunday, May 1st.

The minimum wage will automatically increase by 2.65% on May 1 due to high inflation in recent months. The minimum monthly wage will be 1645.58 euros gross for full time – net, it will increase to 1302.64 euros. The gross minimum hourly wage will rise to 10.85 euros. The minimum wage benefits from an automatic adjustment mechanism, which ensures that it rises at least as fast as inflation affects lower-income households. It rose 0.9% in January after rising 2.2% in October.

  • Increase in the minimum “salary” of civil servants

Civil servants’ minimum wage will be raised above Smic from May 1 to mitigate the effects of high inflation – unlike private-sector employees, civil servants do not benefit from automatic inflation-related revaluation. About 700,000 civil servants are affected by this measure.

  • Social welfare reassessments

Family Allowance Funds (CAF) premiums and premiums increased by 1.8% on April 1, and these increases will take effect on May 5 payments.

In detail they are:

– the activity bonus (563.68 euros per month for one person),

– RSA (EUR 575.52 per month for a single person, EUR 845.22 with one dependent child, EUR 1014.62 with two dependent children),

– family allowances (33.62 euros, 67.23 euros, 134.46 euros depending on household resources)

– the allowance to return to school (EUR 376.98 for children aged 6-10, EUR 397.78 for children aged 11-14 and EUR 411.56 for children aged 15-18),

– educational allowance for children with disabilities (135.13 euros per month),

– childbirth allowance (EUR 965.34) or adoption allowance (EUR 1,930.68),

– the common child education allowance (EUR 405.97 in the event of total cessation of activity),

– the daily allowance for the caregiver (58.59 euros for one day of income replacement, 29.30 euros for half a day)

– allowance for adults with disabilities (EUR 919.86).

  • Last days to register to vote

Reminder message for those who are late. Register in the electoral registers so that you can vote in the parliamentary elections of next June until May 4 for an electronic procedure at and until May 6 for a procedure at the town hall or by mail. Warning: for Polynesian and French voters abroad it is too late, the process is closed by the end of April.

  • Pay for your train ticket online with holiday coupons

A new feature that allows online payment with holiday coupons will be released in early May on the SNCF Connect app – until now, this was only possible at the station. You must first go to the ANCV mobile application to enter the code displayed on the check in the “Exchanges” section, as well as the year of issue and the organization number: after which the checks must be intangible – Holidays. sent to the ANCV.

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