Increase in minimum wage and salaries, price of cigarettes and holiday coupons … what changes on May 1, 2022

Increase in minimum wage and salaries, price of cigarettes and holiday coupons ... what changes on May 1, 2022


Who says the first day of the month says changes… Between raising wages, reducing the price of some packs of cigarettes (and increases in others) and simplifying the purchase of train tickets with holiday coupons, the changes for this May 1, 2022 are many. Le Parisien lists them.

Increase of minimum wage

Employees who are paid the minimum wage will see a change in their pay slip at the end of the month. From May 1, the minimum wage for interprofessional development will be substantially increased by 2.65% due to the very vertical increase in the cost of living. The gross minimum hourly wage will therefore increase from 10.57 to 10.85 euros. For full time employment, the minimum monthly wage will increase net from 1269 to 1302.64 euros.

Salary increases for some civil servants

Civil servants may also see their salaries increase. The minimum wage index increases by 2.65% on May 1, 2022, after the increase of the minimum wage. Thus, the minimum wage in the State increases to 1649.48 euros gross per month for full-time work. The aid will benefit nearly 694,000 civil servants employed by the state, local authorities and hospitals, the government said.

Increase bonuses

Beneficiaries of family allowances will see, on 5 May, the color of the aid adjustment that took effect on 1 April. Activity Bonus, Active Solidarity Income (RSA), Solidarity Income (RSO) and Adult Disability Benefits (AAH) all increased by 1.8%. In addition, there is an equal increase for family allowances such as family allowances, family allowance, birth allowance, educational allowance for children with disabilities (AEEI), family support allowance (FHS) or on-call supplement.

Increase in the “salary” of trainees

Vocational training fees have never changed since 2002. From 1 May it will no longer apply to those taking part in an internship approved by the State or the Region. It is the age that will determine its level. For young people aged 16-18 the fee will go from 130 euros to 200 euros per month. For trainees aged 18 to 25 it will increase to 500 euros (compared to 310 or 400 euros previously). Over 25 years, the fee will reach 685 euros.

Lower price of some cigarettes

For once, the price of some cigarettes will fall from May 1. Many brands – Lucky Strike, Peter Stuyvesant, Rothmans, Vogue and Winfield – are affected, but not all of their products. The drop is small, a few tens of cents. Others will see their price increase.

Pay for train tickets with holiday coupons more easily

This is a huge innovation for those who have holiday coupons. In May, it will be possible to pay for train tickets with holiday vouchers without going through the ticket office. But it will always be necessary to do it upstream, as it will be necessary to dematerialize them from the website of the National Agency for Holiday Vouchers, send them to the organization and finally be able to use them when buying tickets.

Fill in the income tax return

These are dates to remember. Taxpayers residing in sections from 1 to 19 have until May 24, 2022 to complete their tax return electronically, those from 20 to 54 to 31 May and those outside their sections until June 8, 2022. who still want to complete their tax return in printed form have until May 19, 2022, as evidenced by the postmark.


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