In Amiens they buy the house of their dreams 80,000 euros cheaper

Fatma et Hamid Bentaleb, un couple d’Amiénois, ont signé ce mercredi chez Me Révillion l’achat d’une maison neuve en bail réel solidaire. Avec leurs enfants, ils quitteront en 2024 leur appartement de 60 m2 dans le centre-ville pour une maison avec jardin à Renancourt.



Her eyes sparkle and you feel the emotion that overwhelms her entering the notary. ”
It’s a first for us, so obviously it’s a bit impressive. But I’m very happy and excited to think of my children. They are 8 and 13 years old and dream of finally having a garden to have fun and play football.
“, Comments Fatma Bentaleb, with her eyes red with happiness.

With her husband Hamit, they inaugurated this first Wednesday in the area by signing, with the notary, the first contract for booking a house in “real solidarity lease” with a social owner. This new tool, brought by AMSOM Habitat – which was approved by the Organisme Foncier Solidaire (OFS) in 2020 – now allows a middle- or middle-income household to buy new property without having to incur land costs .

A new house with 200 square meters of garden for 210,000 euros in Renancourt

He is the lessor, who remains the owner of the land, who will recoup the cost in 99 years. In return, the buyer pays a fee (1 euro per month per square meter of living space) which is added to the monthly payments of his loan. ”
But the buyer, who buys the right to use the land for 99 years, retains full use of his property. As a landlord, I can never deprive him of it. He can also transfer his property to his children on the same terms or resell it as soon as he undertakes to provide the same benefits as his own to new buyers. (Author’s note: subject to resource terms and resale ceilings) to avoid speculation
“, Explains David Quint, director of Amsom Habitat, who was in the Notaries of the Vines office this Wednesday to sign the document. Thanks to this mechanism, framed by Alur law, the buyer can save from 15 to 30% of the value of a property.

“We dreamed of becoming an owner but we were financially stuck”

For Fatma and Hamid Bentaleb, who have been living in a 60 m2 apartment in the city center for 20 years, the savings are significant as they buy this off-plan house for 210,000 euros when it is worth it, at the price of land. 290,000 and 300,000 euros. At this price, they could afford a house with 92 m2 living room, with three bedrooms of which one master, garden 200 m2, garage, without joint ownership. ”
Something that is rather rare in Amiens, so we are happy. We dreamed of becoming owners but we were financially stuck until now. We would never have imagined that we could buy such a house at this price. In addition, it is well located in the Renancourt area where you feel like you are in the countryside
“, The couple estimates.

The house is actually part of a set of three construction projects started by Amsom Habitat in Amiens and Longueau, which are eligible for the project. In Renancourt, 54 apartments, including the Bentaleb family, are commercially and individually marketed as part of the Carmin program. Construction will begin next September for delivery scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. It should be noted that while the system is subject to resource ceilings, it is open to all households and not just landlord tenants.

Program information: Nathalie Belli on 07 87 42 32 37 or Béatrice Buchart on 06 12 66 63 71.

Me Olivier Révillion: “If you qualify, do it”

Three questions to Me Olivier Révillion, notary at Notaires des Vignes.

I, Olivier Révillion, a notary in Notaires des Vignes, signed this first real solidarity lease brought by the social owner Amsom Habitat.

Is the market legally regulated?

This real lease of solidarity is a real innovation in French law and a new tool for us notaries, who participated in its development, but also for the lawyers. It is also the first time that a quasi-property right to land has been assigned in a very secure way. That is, the buyer does not buy the land but has its use and can not be deprived of it. And above all, this land has real value that can be given as collateral to a bank, for example.

Is the couple making an excellent real estate deal with this project?

If you qualify for the program, go ahead! A house like the one just acquired by Mr. and Mrs. Bentaleb would sell for an average of 300,000 euros without this device. There, saving land, they do a very good job and do not have the constraints of land passage which was, on the other hand, a real gas plant. Because when you finished paying for the building, it took you another 15 years to buy the land. Today, once the house is paid for, it is yours and you can move on.

What if they want to resell?

They will be there financially. Beware, however, that real solidarity leasing is not a for-profit tool. The resale is very regulated and here there is no question of reselling the property for 300,000 euros in three years. There is a contract that governs all of this.



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