here’s the most addictive game of all time according to this new study

here's the most addictive game of all time according to this new study


Have you ever spent hundreds of hours on a game you could not miss? Video games can sometimes be very addictive, so a study to seek to scientifically determine which games were the most addictive.

The shortcomings of video games have been scrutinized

A few years ago, video games were very badly perceived by many people, considering this hobby as a waste of time, even as a hobby or numbing hobby. Yes fortunately these stereotypes have receded over time, insist despite everything and even continue to interest some researchers. Remember that in 2019, the WHO officially recognized video game addiction as a disease… Before recommending people to play it when the Covid-19 pandemic arrived.

You can think of all the bad things you want from this type of opinion, but you also need to know how to recognize certain flaws in video games, especially the highly addictive side of some of them. This is the focus of a group of British researchers who have thus established a list of the 20 most addictive games. And the winner is…

Rocket League, the most addictive video game

At the top of the podium of the most addictive games, we find Rocket League (2015), this somewhat special online football game, as in small cars you have to manage to score more goals than your opponents. The RPG Littlewood (2020), in which you have to rebuild, adapt and develop your city, comes second and follows Demigod, a MOBA released in 2009.

Speaking of MOBA, the most famous of all, Legion of Legends, holds the fifth place in the ranking. Also in the 20 most addictive games according to this study conducted by a team of researchers from a private rehabilitation clinic in the UK, we find mastodonts like Fortnite (9th), Skyrim (14th), or The Sims 4 (19th). Overall, you will find that the majority of the games listed (full list below) are multiplayer games or role-playing games in which the main mission is not the heart of the game. And for good reason: Martin Preston, founder and general manager of the clinic that conducted the study, explains via that all these games do not really have “predefined endings” and therefore there is no time “where the players finished their challenges and tasks”, constantly updated. This is where their very addictive side comes from.

Doubtful method

If this study was conducted by professional researchers and that its results are therefore the result of a scientific research method, we can somewhat question the method used. In fact, the researchers relied on a list of “only” 50 games among the most popular in the rating adder Metacritical. From there, researched which had the most reviews in which the term “addictive” (“addictive”) was reported. In the case of the first match in the standings, for example, Rocket League, they are all the same 14.5% of the total reviews that mention this word.

So if this method makes it possible to give an idea, it is difficult not to judge This study is very limited in scope. (why not study more games?) and note that the term “addictive”, in addition to not necessarily having a derogatory connotation, can easily be misused and overused. Therefore, it might be best to do some research on how much time players spend on different games or something. For your part, do you consider this study credible? Do not hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments!


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