Halo Infinite: The players are furious from the beginning of the 2nd season!

Halo Infinite: The players are furious from the beginning of the 2nd season!


Game news Halo Infinite: The players are furious from the beginning of the 2nd season!

Many players were looking forward to Halo Infinite Season 2: now it’s over. This new period marks the arrival of new and clear content… but also of some unexpected surprises. And bad surprises, in this case.

Halo Infinite in the turmoil of hardcore gamers

With “Lone Wolves” Season 2, Halo Infinite has finally taken on the wave of freshness that players hoped for, or at least partially. In the program: new maps, new game modes, a brand new Battle Pass with lots of new cosmetics, new seasonal events … in short, something to eat while waiting for the co-op for the campaign and the Forge function they just gave themselves an exit window.

Only here, the big update that was applied to the release of season 2 has, it seems, a small lot of hidden flaws. 343 Industries has obviously made many small changes at its sole discretion, especially in maps and design level: in fact, nothing is visible to ordinary mortals, but These are small elements, such as cornices that have become insurmountable or walls that have become invisible, which prevent players from using certain techniques that they have practiced since the game was released.

No but a halo

The result is a completely disrupted game and strategies for the most comfortable players. -which did not concern the majority of the public- who then do not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction on social networks.

“Dude, this is just a jump, let’s play it down.”

– It is not just a “jump”, they actually removed things that require skill. (They neurotaped powerliding, removed object collisions, etc.) Halo is a competitive game. Removing the skills that separate good and bad players in a highly competitive game is a horrible, just horrible decision.

We can also read, through the tweet of another player:

Honestly … why? The jumps are quite difficult to perform as in #HaloInfinite and learning them requires time, attention, dedication and effort.

Players invest so much in developing their skills and promoting the game that it should not be considered bad. We just want to be heard …

At present, 343 Industries has not commented on these changes that destabilize the hard core so much. Suffice it to say that there is no information about a possible train…

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