Gasoline prices: € 0.85 per liter, reductions … where are the good offers for May 6 and 7?

Gasoline prices: € 0.85 per liter, reductions ... where are the good offers for May 6 and 7?


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Several brands continue their promotional offers on fuel this Friday 6 May and Saturday 7 May 2022.

The 18 minute fuel discount applies from 1eee April by the government at 11,000 service stations in France, continues to apply. The average prices recorded in France, this Friday, May 6, are € 1,928 per liter of unleaded 98, € 1,830 unleaded 95 and € 1,961 for diesel, according to statements from

Only two brands retain commercial offers on the margins of the fuel discount.

Géant and Casino: € 0.85 per liter

> What is the beginning: The Casino group offers a liter with € 0.85 whatever the fuel. The customer pays the normal price for the pump within 50 liters. Then he has to go to the reception of the store where the difference is returned to him as a coupon. The coupon can be used in stores from purchases 80 € in supermarkets and 100 € in supermarkets until Sunday 8 May at 12 noon (for stores open that day). The offer can not be combined with other discount or purchase coupons issued by the Casino.

> Which fuels concern: The offer is valid for unleaded 95 E5 and E10, unleaded 98, diesel and Erethaethanol E85.

> What is the offer date: Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May 2022.

> Where to enjoy: In our area, the company operates in the Géant Casino of Agen-Boé, Carcassonne-Salvaza, Decazeville, Millau, Narbonne, Nîmes, Toulouse-Fenouillet, Montpellier-autoroute, Pau-Lons, Tarbes and Albi.

The offer is also valid in the area in the supermarkets Casino Salleles d’Aude (Aude), Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres, Alès Bilina, Pont Saint-Esprit, Redessan, Bernis and Saint-Dionisy (Gard), Revel, Estancarbon and Toulouse Basso Cambo (Haute-Garonne), Fleurance (Gers), Colombiers, Montpellier Grabels, Montpellier Ganges, Béziers Pezenas (Hérault), Souillac (Lot), Le Passage d’Agen, Fumel, Montflanquin (Lot-let-), Idron, Pau Sauvagnon, Pau Lons Mermoz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), Canet-en-Roussillon, Bolquère, Latour-Bas-Elne (Pyrénées-Orientales), Lacaune (Tarn), Valence d’Agen and Moissac (Tarn-). -Garonne).

The full list of gas stations is available by clicking here.

TotalEnergies: € 0.10 reduction per liter

> What is the beginning? – From 14 February, TotalEnergies offers an exceptional discount of € 0.10 per liter of fuel at 2,700 service stations, excluding the TotalEnergies Access and AS24 networks (stations dedicated to heavy goods vehicles). It also applies to highway stations. The reduction is 1 € for 10 liters, 3 € for 30 liters, 5 € for 50 liters (the price displayed on the pump takes into account this discount). There is no maximum amount. Taking into account the state fuel discount, Total therefore applies a total discount of 28 cents (18 cents + 10 cents) per liter to the normal fuel price.

> What is the date of the offer – The offer is valid until May 15, 2022.

> What is the fuel? – Diesel, SP98, SP95, SP95 E10.

> Where to enjoy – The offer is valid at the stations 1150 Total, TotalEnergies, TotalEnergies Contact and Total Contact. Not valid on TotalEnergies Access stations.

The full list of gas stations is available by clicking here.


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