Fuel prices continue to rise and approach the level of early April

Fuel prices continue to rise and approach the level of early April


The liter of diesel has not fallen below the limit of 1.80 euros since the end of February. Uncertainty keeps prices high.

One month after the fuel discount goes into effect, the bill continues to grow. Last week, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, prices continued to rise for the second consecutive week. What increases a little more the weight of a complete for households.

In detail, a liter of diesel cost, on average, 1.8815 euros, over a penny in seven days. The increase is slightly more significant for petrol: the SP95 appeared at 1.8023 euros – 1.2 cents more than last week -, the SP95-E10 at 1.7623 euros – 1.5 cents more – and the SP98 at 1.8585 euros – 1.4 cents more.

At present, prices remain well below the level before the government introduced the fifteen to eighteen centimeter discount per liter provided by the government. But diesel rose seven cents in two weeks and SP95 by almost two cents in the same period. The various fuels almost returned to their levels in early April, deleting the reductions observed in the first half of the month.

Growing rumors of a European embargo on Russian oil

Unpredictable, the international situation continues to worry markets, which are reacting to the announcements of various actors, whether it is Russia, the European Union, the oil-producing countries or China, which is involved in its fight against Covid-19. At almost $ 110 on Monday, the Brent barrel – the raw material – has remained high for several weeks. It has not fallen permanently below the $ 100 mark since the first days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February.

In recent days, growing rumors of an impending European embargo on imports of Russian oil and oil products have also pushed up market prices. “Crude prices rose again late last week, fueled by statements by German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck that Germany would not oppose an EU oil embargo on Russia.“, Noted IFPEN, this Monday. And this, while the Twenty-seven represent some “60% of oil exportsfrom Russia.

While there is no sign of calm on the Russia-Ukraine front, many players expect pump prices to remain high in the coming months. This is the case of the government, which wants to offer new help. “more substantial and focused“, According to Bruno Le Maire, after the abolition of the discount in July. Similarly, the tricolor giant TotalEnergies announced late last week that it wanted to provide additional assistance to motorists during the summer holidays. In the meantime, his discount with ten extra minutes per liter in all stations of the metropolis will expire by mid-May.

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