French Days: how Fnac-Darty is organized for this business

French Days: how Fnac-Darty is organized for this business


INTERVIEW // Let’s go back to the French Days, this commercial business started by six e-commerce players. And if the winter discounts were mixed, the Fnac-Darty group wants to be sure of this new vintage.

We no longer need to introduce the French Days, a trading company started by Cdiscount, Rue Du Commerce,, Fnac-Darty, Boulanger and La Redoute in 2018, with the idea of ​​creating a “Made in France” event. , competes with the festive Black Friday and Amazon with its Prime Day. This meeting, which takes place twice a year (spring and autumn), has found its place in the face of discounts and Black Friday. Virginie Binard, Sales and Operations Marketing Director at Fnac Darty, provides an update on Digital about this new meeting that will take place from Wednesday 4 May to Monday 9 May 2022 and about what we can expect from it.

NUMERICS – How do you approach these 2022 French Days?

VIRGINIE BINARD – We approach it in a very positive way. We have had excellent responses from our suppliers. We will have a great variety and a large number of offers. We will have many more offers than in 2021, a complex year for suppliers [les French Days de printemps ont été décalés au mois de juin pour des raisons liées à la crise sanitaire et au confinement, NDLR]. This year, we record 30% more offers. And this affects all product categories: telephony, multimedia, computers (laptops), home appliances and audio, especially with headphones. We will have several big brands. We will be able to present offers in recognized and trusted brands, but also in general offers. And we will finish with the opportunity.

Exactly, refurbished has become a priority for many e-merchants, how do you incorporate it into your France Day offer?

Whether renovated or used, it is a package through our own circuits or our partners in the market. The occasion has become an important issue for us. It will be highlighted with or without promotion and you will be able to find specific offers depending on the partners.

Does refurbished respond to French concerns about their purchasing power?

It is not just purchasing power. It’s good for his wallet but it’s also a way to do good on the planet.

And when it comes to purchasing power – which has been at the heart of the presidential debate – is that a question you have been taking into account?

The French Days is a business around promotion. We are not going to regain purchasing power. On the other hand, there is one aspect that we will highlight, it is the “made in France” for which there will be promotions.

We have talked a lot about the shortcomings that particularly affect high technology, will there be fewer good designs this year?

We are no longer in this context. We have done the work with our suppliers so as not to be influenced. There are no longer these critical concerns about some products affected by the lack of components.

What can we expect? When will the PlayStation 5s return?

I can not reveal anything to you. We will have star products with big brands. Appointment on May 4!


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