French Days 2022: the flood of offers does not weaken this Sunday! Here are the best live deals!

French Days 2022 : le déluge de promotions ne faiblit pas ce dimanche ! Voici les meilleures offres en direct !


Live broadcast French Days 2022: the flood of offers does not weaken this Sunday! Here are the best live deals!

While the weekend is coming to an end, the French Days are not over yet! This Sunday, May 8, has many surprises in store for us and if you have not yet taken advantage of the French Days, do not wait long! Indeed, you only have a few hours to enjoy this weekend!

The French Days 2022 are still here! Why do you still want to wait for the summer discounts to take advantage of the lower prices?

Created in 2018 by a team of 6 French brands, French Days is an event that is strongly reminiscent of Black Friday but in a tricolor version.

This year, it takes place from Wednesday 4 to Monday 9 May. So do not wait too long if you want to take advantage of it, especially since the offers are very attractive and concern a whole variety of products.

From PC gamer to smartphone, to 4K TV or electric scooter: there really is something for all tastes and all budgets, especially since some prices are even lower than last Black Friday. ! There is really something to have fun with in a few words.

A large number of French brands participate in this great promotion and offer broken prices on a wide variety of items, even the biggest brands: Apple, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi …

  • Turn your old TV into a smart TV for Netflix, Disney + … with the Amazon Fire Sticks at a discount of 19 €
  • The ELTHARION computer installed by MSI with RTX 3080 Ti costs € 2999 instead of € 3499 at Rue du Commerce
  • The Samsung 980 Pro SSD compatible PS5 at € 153 instead of € 199 at Amazon
  • The Samsung QLED 65 inches at € 869 at Rue du Commerce
  • The SSD Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB at 139 € instead of 172 € at Rue du Commerce
  • The fixed gaming PC with RTX 3060 and Core i12 at € 999 instead of € 1399 at Boulanger
  • The Lenovo Legion 5 with RTX 3060, 8 GB RAM and Ryzen 5 5600H at € 899 instead of € 1,299 at Cdiscount
  • The connected Xiaomi Redmi Watch at € 59 at Fnac
  • Nintendo Switch Sports: the successor to Wii Sports at € 36 instead of € 49 at E.Leclerc
  • The Samsung Odyssey G7 27 inch 144 HZ 1440p computer screen at € 269 at Fnac
  • The Philips Hue kit + the Echo Dot 4 at € 44 instead of € 89 at Boulanger

Frenchs Days 2022: Participating names

  • Baker : The main French distributor responded to the meeting and intends to flood us with offers in almost their entire list.
  • Crossroads : The French distribution giant invites itself to the festivities and promises attractive discounts on a whole collection of high-tech items in the coming days.
  • Discount : With its well-stocked catalog, Cdiscount intends to strike hard during the French Days.
  • Darty : The brand that offers one of the best after-sales services in France (if not the best!), Will be, as every year, present.
  • E.Leclerc Always relevant when it comes to low prices, E. Leclerc proves to be essential for these 2022 French Days.
  • Fnac : The French firm pretends to be Amazon’s main serious competitor and promises discounts to pale the American giant during the French Days.
  • Street for shopping : The brand intends to redouble its efforts in a wide variety of high-tech products.
  • Amazon : There are great offers!
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