“Few companies of this size have gone so far as to give their employees the freedom”

"Few companies of this size have gone so far as to give their employees the freedom"


largeyour feet in the sand and the computer on your knees or at the beach bar overlooking the beach. Can work, this torment imposed on Adam and Eve by an angry God, accommodate freedom and leisure? Brian Cesky is convinced of that. The boss of Airbnb sent to his 6,000 employees, on the afternoon of Thursday, April 28, an email that could well change their lives.

Convinced that the health crisis opens a new era in the organization of work, he suggests that all employees of the company be able to work wherever they want. From now on, everyone will be able to choose to work at home or in the office, to settle in any part of their country without changing their salary or anywhere in the world. To compensate for this absolute freedom, one-week meetings will be held every quarter.

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Airbnb is not the only company, especially in the digital sector, organized in this way. It really does not have many options. The IT type is a rare commodity and if he has decided to hold Zoom meetings from his bungalow in Phuket, Thailand or on the Ramblas in Barcelona, ​​it will be difficult to stop him. All companies in the industry have adapted to this new situation. The company from California is even more sensitive to this, as more than 20% of the rentals it organizes are now for more than a month and are intended for teleworkers. This allowed her to overcome the health crisis in much better conditions than traditional hotels.


Few companies of this size have gone so far as to give the freedom to their employees. “Twenty years ago, companies in Silicon Valley spread open and welcoming offices, which were then adopted by all companies. assures Brian Cesky. Today, start-ups are turning to remote work and flexibility. This will be the dominant way of working for the next ten years. »

But can we so easily marry the flexibility of remote work and maintaining a team in the company, the cold efficiency of Zoom meetings and the warmth of morning coffee between colleagues? Choosing your place of residence or stay without restrictions can solve many puzzles for finding a job, saving money and combining private and professional life.

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This development bears the seeds of a profound redefinition of work, life in society and the destruction of collective structures, often associated with the company. Leisure time is already largely at home, with television, music or sports. public services are intangible, even the doctor. And now the office. What will they replace with to recreate the symbiosis? Freedom is never far from loneliness. And loneliness, discomfort.


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