E. Leclerc: what is the “anti-inflation shield” that blocks the price of 120 products?

E. Leclerc: what is the "anti-inflation shield" that blocks the price of 120 products?


E.Leclerc stores start this Wednesday 4, but a major business to block prices of almost 120 reports. An “anti-inflation shield” that is supposed to help households.

Butter, cheese, eggs, spread, milk, dish soap, salmon or even coffee, E.Leclerc is committed from this Wednesday 4 May in favor of the purchasing power of the French in freezing prices on 120 products. A welcome measure at a time when food prices are exploding. The overall increase due to inflation and war in Ukraine would reach an average of + 3% on the receipt in France according to the IRI.

“We propose to identify the 120 items that consumers buy the most and create a kind of shield where we guarantee that these items do not move from May 4 to July,” the sign’s boss told Franceinfo.

“We are doing everything we can to limit the increases and stay the cheapest. And, to allow you to shop at the best prices, we are launching the ‘anti-inflation shield’,” adds the brand, which is launching a major advertising campaign for the occasion. .

E. Leclerc launches its new business for purchasing power.

E. Leclerc launches its new business for purchasing power.

Obstruction, not really

“It will protect your purchasing power over a hundred products you consume on a daily basis,” explains Michel-Edouard Leclerc.

But this blockage is not really one as announced by Jean Castex on energy prices in October 2021. The brand will receive a price as a reference, but will not be able to clearly maintain it, the difference will be given.

“If, despite our efforts, the prices of these products increased, you will be automatically credited, to the E.Leclerc Tickets on the reward card, for the amount of the increase”, explains E.Leclerc.

Specifically, if an item costs € 2.10 during the foreclosure and goes to € 2.15 next week, you will pay € 2.15 at checkout and € 0.05 will be credited to the reward account: “C” is the guarantee that your purchasing power will be maintained “, assures the retailer.

The Egalim 2 law targeted by Michel-Edouard Leclerc

At Franceinfo, Leclerc’s boss also returned to Egalim’s law, which he wishes to amend even if he recognizes the “complex” law. The latter imposes a minimum margin on distributors to maintain prices that are supposed to better pay farmers.

“It’s a supposed policy and it has been deflated for five, six years and no one has complained. On the other hand, a provision prevents me from taking my margins. I have to buy more expensive French products and if I can sell them cheaper, that’s it. better, but there are people who have come up with the idea that, forcing me to sell Nutella, cocoa, Coca-Cola at a higher price, it would make me a profit and I would buy the salad cheaper. which prohibits discounters, distributors such as Leclerc from being able to sell less. by 10%. source. ” concludes.


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