Dying Light 2: the next narrative content could “surprise the players”

Dying Light 2: the next narrative content could "surprise the players"


Game news Dying Light 2: the next narrative content could “surprise the players”

A game with various narrative disciplines, Dying Light 2 does not intend to stop there as a narrative arc is expected alongside the main story for the month of June and it is Techland who spoke very briefly on the subject.


  • “No theory has been confirmed to be true”
  • A narrative DLC and beyond?

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“No theory has been confirmed to be true”

With the release of 1.3.0 in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Techland developers are already keeping an eye on the future. Shortly before the release of their title in February, they had shared an action plan to follow over the next four months. And three months later, more than two additional contents are expected. This is the second set of proofs, and which will be released soon, as well as the upcoming narrative DLC. And the studio recently talked about the latter. In an interview with Wccftech, chief designer by Dying Light 2 Tymon Smektała which reveals some interesting details about this add-on:

Its history revolves around a specific place that is beyond the boundaries of Villedor. But of course, there will be choices! (…) It can start as soon as Aiden arrives The city. As he is the first to go through the doors, we did not want to force the players to finish the game before having fun with him (…) I have seen some speculation from the community, but no theory is confirmed to be true. I hope we positively surprise the world with this DLC.

A narrative DLC and beyond?

In addition to this DLC that, as we recall, is expected in June, Tymon Smektala also mentioned that the content that will come in the second half of 2022 is over. In this regard, he points out that Techland believes that there is work to be done and in particular on the content that needs to be put into operation. On the line :

We really believe that we can do a lot with the multiplayer of Dying Light 2, from the addition of new mechanics to the addition of varied and fun game modes.

While waiting to see more clearly after this teaser, players can always update their Dying Light 2: last week, update 1.3.0 was released with it New game + : a way to rediscover the game with its innovations and the choice to make other narrative choices. The opportunity to get excited again with the title, was released on February 14, 2022 on PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS4 and PS5.

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