Does full-time work cost 1,450 euros? Because Elisabeth Borne’s statement is not fair

Does full-time work cost 1,450 euros?  Because Elisabeth Borne's statement is not fair


From May 1, Smic increased by 2.65%. An increase linked to inflation, but which the current government continues to welcome. On the eve of the entry into force of this measure, the Minister of Labor, Elizabeth Bourne, said on Twitter: “From tomorrow, the minimum wage will increase to 1,302.64 euros net / month, an increase of 72 euros in one month. year to take inflation into account. In total, with the activity bonus, a full-time SMIC employee receives more than € 1,450 net / month. »

An analysis anything but unanimous on social networks. “The activity bonus does not concern all employees and does not increase all salaries by € 150, it is a lie”, insists a user. What is true? 20 minutes make sense.


Before you start, a little reminder is needed: the automatic adjustment of the minimum wage is provided for in the Labor Code when “the consumer price index rises by more than 2%”. So the minimum wage is automatically increased in the same proportions. Thus, the increase on May 1 places SMIC at € 1,645.58 gross monthly, or € 1,302.64 net. In one year, due to inflation, the minimum wage will have risen three times, resulting in an increase of 5.9%, or an additional 72 euros net per month.

In addition, the Minister of Labor includes in her calculation the activity allowance. According to her, a person who works full time and receives the minimum wage receives at least 150 euros in activity allowance. “The minimum wage is the individual wage and it has actually increased,” explains Guillaume Allègre, an economist at the French Economic Observatory (OFCE). Instead, “the activity bonus is a tool that is familiar, that is, family resources are taken into account. The amount of this premium therefore depends on many factors: obviously the salary, but also any other aid received, other sources of income (land, investments, etc.), marital status.

“This bonus only applies to eligible people, it is not automatically paid to anyone with the minimum wage, full time”, continues the expert who takes the example of a couple in particular: one is at the minimum wage and without any other resources but the other receives higher income. In this case, the former will not be entitled to the activity bonus.


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