Do add-ons make raids very easy? The Blizzard Should React in Dragonflight – World of Warcraft

Do add-ons make raids very easy?  The Blizzard Should React in Dragonflight - World of Warcraft


During an interview with Ion Hazzikostas, Asmongold addressed the issue of addons in WoW. The latter, very practical, have become necessary for many players in recent years. The problem is that they are increasingly simplifying raids, to the point where Blizzard is considering narrowing the scope for Dragonflight and future expansions.

Therefore, developers are considering restricting access to certain data while offering additional information themselves through the new Dragonflight interface. This will restore a specific learning curve, where some bosses become very easy to beat with additives.

Possessing WeakAuras or DBM is almost mandatory and creates this artificial gap between casual gamers and hardcore gamers. It’s a two-part question: first, is the team planning these Heroic and Mythical encounters for add-ons, the same for Mythic +, and second, will we see more of these features? built directly into the game?

It’s a great question, it’s something we spend a lot of time discussing, especially recently. We plan with awareness of the existence of additives – I think we should. Sometimes we design and implement mechanisms in a way that we try to bypass add-ons – either we enter the code to disarm the Mekkatorque bomb, or we play Among Us vs. Dreadlords and fix things to supplement the solutions that people have found, because we know we have this idea that could offer some really fun game. But if an add-on solves everything for you, then what is the point?

Finally, we coordinate raid meetings with two goals: first, they must be fun. The second goal is to provide a progress experience suitable for the difficulty and where it is on the raid. For example, a heroic boss at the end of the ladder, we want to take 10-15 sweeps to win, maybe two nights. Ideally, a good progress experience for a heroic guild is to spend their first night making good progress, reaching the beginning of phase 3, returning the next night, improving their performance, killing it – you feel good, you feel like being. I won something, but it is not very disappointing. If you reach out and kill the boss twice … that’s bad, we did not really offer the promotion experience you are looking for. The reality is that people use add-ons – and so if we create an encounter that is theoretically quite feasible and targeted, assuming you have no add-ons and aim for this goal of difficulty, people will use DMB and WeakAuras and go for it. , simplify the engineering and go more easily than expected, so we must recognize their existence.

Do you want to feel that you have to download additional third parties to succeed in the game? No, that’s not good. Over the years, we have tried to incorporate some aspect of this feature into our user interface, even if it is sometimes just a simple design, improving the information or using boss Energy bars, mana bars or other “hey, when this bar is full” “a huge ability is going to happen”, so you do not need a timer to tell you to prepare for it. Information is something we want to continue to improve and provide in our game. I think this is a key function of meeting planning, the problem we have seen and do not really know how to honestly fix right now is that in the last few years specific add-ons have been transformed from pure information into more and more computing, and that is the kind of thing where solving the problem in you it does not seem strange if our UI did it.A random example that we talked about in gr last week: the Wrath Classic will be released later this year and players will finally get to the Icecrown Citadel – one encounter with Wrath that came to mind was Blood Queen Lana’thel at the Icecrown Citadel – very simple battle, few engineers, almost Patchwerk level, but the most typical engineer was of course “turned into a vampire, bit other people out of control” – then, as a raid leader, I think most realized that on the go. You have a hard feeling that “these are our best DPS, therapists are biting lately, see what happens” and it ‘s fun, you have frantic calls and it can be difficult – sometimes you wipe because people are confused. I can guarantee that when the Wrath Classic Lana’thel arrives it will be “take the WeakAuras, list your raid members from top to bottom in terms of DPS priority, everyone will install the add-on and when you become a vampire, all you have to do is say this person is bitten “- no one should speak, no one should do anything. It’s not great, it’s not what we want for our raids, and it somehow prevents us from making collaborative and coordinating mechanisms that are fun.

And I think all of that was always possible, but people never did. At the time, add-ons like bigwigs and others were actively trying to avoid making strategy recommendations, this was purely informative. So maybe there’s an alternative timeline where the guilds would have done these things 12 years ago, the same way the AVR was locked, or in the Classic era the additions that cancel casting would have changed, maybe that change to have happened. But now we have a decade of extras, including the things you use to better play your turn and everything else built on that framework, so it’s not clear where you need to go. I think we need to do something to limit access to the add-on API – at least in raids and dungeons, maybe try to provide more monitoring / class engineers in our work environment and maybe get to a place where we can schedule appointments from the beginning – always hard, It was always meant to get a few dozen wipes in a heroic or a hundred wipes in a mythical ending – we’re not talking about making things easier or easier, but we should make those changes together. There is a lot to talk about, and I know for many players, that “hey, we’ve broken the thing you rely on, that makes the game more accessible to you” is not exactly a good message to not take anymore. So there is no easy answer, but it is something we think about a lot.

Have you ever considered disabling battle add-ons? Have there been discussions about this or is it just an idea?

I mean … it’s an idea we discussed. The challenge is as if … the fundamental part is “can add-ons say what you love and debug about yourself and your party members?”. If we say no, okay, we just broke all the raid frames, whatever you use to keep track of your charger’s operating time or whatever, do you just want an add-on that makes it easier to see? We broke them all. It would be awful for a good part of our player base to do it all of a sudden. So I think we want to find a better way forward, but it’s not clear.

Will we see some of these improvements and the implementation of some additional features in the new UI that will be released in Dragonflight?

Absolutely yes. This is something we did not get to get into during Deep Dive. Crash Reed, one of the user interface designers who spoke to Deep Dive, specifically tried to reproduce what many people do with WeakAuras, which is to gather information about buff time, debuff time, cooldown monitoring – designing this information in the center of the screen so that in the default user interface we can list your classroom skills as things you should be able to monitor in a very visible way. We can even show external possibilities. if you are in a tank and someone is causing you pain relief, the duration of the Pain Relief should be displayed in the middle of your screen below your character, if you choose to activate it, next to your Shield Wall or whatever, because it helps you manage use your own skills. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. when this rubber is a blinking thing in the corner of your screen 30 cm away from where your eyes are focused. We need to do better, Dragonflight UI is not only aesthetically pleasing, it tries to deal with that as well.


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