Carrefour recall, a product that is widely consumed by children

Alerte info : Carrefour rappel, un produit très consommé par les enfants


After pizzas, cheeses, chocolates and sugar, a food product is now affected by recall. Can we talk about a health scandal? In any case, this has reason to worry consumers. We tell you everything.

Food scandals follow one another

Food scandals have followed one another in recent weeks. Indeed, in March 2022, the frozen Fraîch’Up pizzas from the Buitoni brand were recalled as a precautionary measure. The reason is that they have been considered by the French health authorities as the cause of many serious cases of infection of children with the bacterium E. coli in France.

On April 6, 2022, at least 24,000 cheeses from Fromageries de Normandie (Lactalis Group) were recalled. This concerned Bries, coulommiers, camembert and small camembert from the Normanville, Bon Normand, Pâquerettes, Graindorge, Traditions de Normandie brands. Health authorities have identified a “possible source of infection” of the bacterium responsible for listeriosis.

At the same time, the Ferrero group also recalled chocolates from its Arlon factory in Belgium. These were Kinder products from the Kinder Surprise, Kinder Schoko-bons, Kinder Mini-Eggs, Kinder Mix, Kinder Happy Moments and Kinder Surprise 100g series. The recall was prompted by the discovery of a link between the plant and the poisoning of European children with salmonella.

Also in April, the Intermarché group recalled the sugar sold by Top Budget after detecting broken glass in those products. Today, it is the cordon-bleus sold by Carrefour that makes headlines. Indeed, these products will contain foreign bodies whose ingestion could have serious health consequences.

These successive recalls are causing concern among consumers. As of March 2021, there have been 4,377 non-compliant or hazardous food reports.

Who would have imagined that in 2022 children would get sick from chocolates, pizzas or sausages bought in supermarkets. Following the baby milk scandal produced by the giant Lactalis in 2017, food controls have intensified. In addition, the precautionary principle has been more strictly applied.

Carrefour stores recall products

On April 27, 2022, Carrefour issued a warning about cordons-bleus being sold in its stores. The consumer reminder indicates that it is a cordon-bleus chicken sold in pairs in 200 g cases. They have the number 29022095B with expiration date 30/04/2022. These products may contain plastic which may cause “adverse effects after ingestion”.

Twitter screenshot

This recall takes place immediately after the other one touches the sausages. This is the Veritable Jesus of Lyon sausage from the brand Reflets de France (600 gr bag). Sold between March 14 and April 21, 2022 in the brand’s stores.

The references are as follows:

    • Lot 205080
    • Universal Object Code (GTIN) 3560071431839
    • Date of use, April 29, 2022

If you still have some in your closets, avoid consuming them. Return them to the store for compensation.

A debatable control

The debate over the control of food products is coming back to the fore because of these numerous health scandals. Some associations believe that the self-monitoring system entrusted to manufacturers is no longer sufficient.

From the scandal of Lactalis, Ferrero etc. who are the leaders in their respective markets, confidence in these major multinationals has collapsed. Many are calling for a reform, such as Karine Jacquemart, general manager of the Consumer Protection Association.

For the latter, the succession of these health scandals is proof of the failure of the control system itself. As for Quentin Gillileman, president of the Association for the Health of Children, he points out the lack of control exercised by the health authorities.

“There was no lesson! “The actual inspections by the health authorities of these factories are almost non-existent,” regrets Quentin GUILLEMAIN.

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