Big intervention at Nespresso in Romont: 500kg of cocaine seized

La drogue se cachait dans des sacs répartis dans cinq conteneurs.


Police seized a huge quantity of drugs that had been delivered in coffee bags to the Nespresso factory.

The drugs were hidden in bags that were distributed in five containers.

The drugs were hidden in bags that were distributed in five containers.

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Surprise: Employees of the Nespresso plant in Romont (FR) discovered white powder on Monday when they unloaded coffee bags that had just been delivered. In an alarm, the police were able to quickly identify the cocaine and set up a large security device to intervene, with the support of about twenty Customs officers.

A total of 500 kilograms of cocaine were seized. With a purity of more than 80%, its market value is estimated at 50 million francs. The five sea containers came from Brazil and passed through Antwerp (Bel) and Basel, according to the cantonal police, who assume that the drugs were destined for the European market. Researchers do not know where or when the drugs were placed in the containers. What is certain is that this is not a reference error: the coke was hidden in bags similar to coffee bags.

On the other hand, it is probable that it should have been recovered before it reached Romont, but the traffickers were unable to stop the cargo. “This is one of the drivers who was followed,” said one police spokesman. This is reassuring for Nespresso coffee lovers: “The batches were isolated and the substance did not come into contact with any product used in the production,” she wrote in her press release.

Often in ports

The investigation should determine specifically how the drug was able to reach the Romont plant. Large quantities of drugs are regularly found in transport containers, but most often the substances are found in or around ports during inspections. For example, more than a tonne of coke was seized near the port of Le Havre in France by customs. Even greater, 2.4 tonnes of cocaine destined for Belgium were discovered in a container in Ecuadorbefore sailing.

Pol. slope. FR

Such huge seizures on Swiss soil are rare. By comparison, Zurich Airport, which frequently intercepts packages of cocaine during its inspections, seized a total of 85 kilograms of cocaine throughout 2021, almost six times less than that received at Romont on Monday. In 2019, a human trafficking network was dismantled by several European police authorities. At the gates of Basel, 603 kilograms of cocaine were seized in 21 suitcases at Basel-Mulhouse airport.

In March of this year, the Friborg police announced the dismantling of a huge drug trafficking network “organized by Romont”. He had seized about 30kg of various drugs and, after more than a year of searching, had found that the network was run by four men, aged 27 and 28, from Switzerland and Kosovo. About eighty people, including consumers, had complained to the State.



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